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Updated to Git v1.7.8

Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>
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1 parent e1e4ada commit 27e57a1e660fcc49b53afe272f698dcd1894404f @patthoyts patthoyts committed Dec 6, 2011
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{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fprq2\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f2\fnil\fcharset2 Symbol;}}
{\colortbl ;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;}
-{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf1\lang1033\b\f0\fs32 Git Release Notes (Git-\b0\fs20\par
-Last update: 27 October 2011\par
+{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf1\lang1033\b\f0\fs32 Git Release Notes (Git-1.7.8-preview20111206)\b0\fs20\par
+Last update: 6 December 2011\par
\b\fs24 Introduction\b0\fs20\par
@@ -22,6 +22,17 @@ See \cf0{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt{\ul\cf2 ht
{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}As merge tools are executed using the MSys bash, options starting with "/" need to be handled specially: MSys would interpret that as a POSIX path, so you need to double the slash (Issue 226). Example: instead of "/base", say "//base". Also, extra care has to be paid to pass Windows programs Windows paths, as they have no clue about MSys style POSIX paths -- You can use something like $(cmd //c echo "$POSIXPATH").\par
{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}Unless you define the environment variable MSYS_WATCH_FSTAB (the value must be a non-empty string), Git Bash will not see any drives that have been attached after bash was started. This is a workaround to help the speed of cmd scripts using parts of Git that are implemented as shell scripts.\par
+Changes since Git-\par
+\i\fs20 New Features\par
+\pard{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}{\*\pn\pnlvlblt\pnf2\pnindent0{\pntxtb\'B7}}\fi-288\li432\b0\i0 Comes with Git 1.7.8 plus Windows specific patches.\par
+{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}Updated Tcl/Tk to 8.5.11 and libiconv to 1.14\par
+{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}Some changes to support building with MSVC compiler.\par
+\pard{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}{\*\pn\pnlvlblt\pnf2\pnindent0{\pntxtb\'B7}}\fi-288\li432\b0\i0 Please refer to the release notes for official Git 1.7.8\par
+{\pntext\f2\'B7\tab}Git documentation submodule location fixed.\par
Changes since Git-1.7.7-preview20111014\par
\i\fs20 New Features\par

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