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head fork: github/msysgit
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Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make our version of Portable Git use our cred helper 812ebd7
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Add gitattribute tweaks to help C# developers 571c1e3
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Add awesome Windows-based gitignore based on github/gitignore 24144be
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make sure GitPad is the default editor b15ad71
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make sure images are binary 6c95b4a
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Enable GHCleanSmudge dc093f4
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Disable autocrlf 132d769
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Disable GHCleanSmudge for now until we can make it faster 606b3b2
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make sure we don't throw SSH host verfication dialogs 1d639c1
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Merge commit 'f5f7760711e3c9a3f04de3163bed0c07288e3d54' into ghfw e20ff4a
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Ensure less uses UTF8 encoding 9883da8
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Set autocrlf = true until we can enable GHCleanSmudge e96a9f5
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Add a SSH wrapper script that will never prompt for a password 09c23f7
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Mark most source file formats as text 202ec06
@paulcbetts paulcbetts SLN files must be CRLF or else VS Version Selector app dies :-/ 32482a0
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Move config file to the right place 59985d3
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make sure that we use the GitHub key for .com, even if ssh-agent is b…
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Add configurations for different merge tools 43007d0
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Update gitignore to catch more stuff ef3e533
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Make 'git push' only push the current branch 10da2ed
@paulcbetts paulcbetts These two files *must* have *nix line endings c532bb6
Commits on May 02, 2012
@paulcbetts paulcbetts Some C# files are UTF-16, don't corrupt them 5f64c42
@aroben aroben Merge remote-tracking branch 'aroben/copy-files-error-checking' into …
@aroben aroben Don't include git-cheetah in portable releases
It's pretty unlikely that anyone would install git-cheetah out of a
portable release.
@aroben aroben Make sure zlib-config.patch always has LF line endings
LF is required for this patch to apply.
@aroben aroben Teach about NO_COMPRESS
If this environment variable is set, will just leave
the uncompressed Portable Git distribution sitting in /tmp/WinGit.
@aroben aroben Add
This script builds a Portable Git distribution and commits it to the
PortableGit branch. This is useful for updating the version of msysGit we
ship with GitHub for Windows.
Commits on May 10, 2012
@aroben aroben Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/devel' into devel a2523de
Commits on May 27, 2012
Paul Betts Fix typo in .sln line a4c48e9
Commits on May 30, 2012
@tclem tclem Change how we ship system gitattributes 51081c4
@aroben aroben Change the README to describe our build process c9f6aa0
@aroben aroben Make sure to include etc/gitattributes-suggested in the build 862136f
@aroben aroben Make `NO_SFX=1` work again 8423872
@aroben aroben Merge branch 'fix-nosfx' into devel f3b6309
@aroben aroben Include PortableGit.7z in the PortableGit branch
This way consumers of this branch won't have to recompress the portable
Git distribution.
@aroben aroben Include a VERSION file in PortableGit.7z
This file records the SHA1 from which the portable Git release was
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