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"git add" lower cases the first letter of the parent directory? #64

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Noticed the following on git version 1.7.11.msysgit.1

Say you want to add a new file


git add newfile.txt

git status
shows the new file as
(with lower case g!)

This is something much earlier versions wouldn't do and causes conflicts since two folders will exists when the commit is pushed to a git server - gtest for the new file and GTest for those using previous versions. The folder in Windows is indeed named GTest.

git.exe should honor the casing of the parent folder.

This still appears to be a problem on git version 1.8.0. It's wreaking havoc on my team's work right now. We keep having to remove and add files because git keeps getting confused and thinks there's two copies - from what it seems. The current work around is to add files with a lowercase path for the directory. Is there another work around?


t-b commented Feb 19, 2014

Is this issue still encountered? From the limited information here I can not reproduce it. Git preserves the case of all my folder/files/etc. names.


dscho commented Feb 19, 2014

As I pointed out, my suspicion is that the folders existed beforehand, with different cases.

@t-b FWIW I noticed that you were not part of the GitHub team yet; I corrected that mistake.


t-b commented Feb 19, 2014

@dscho thanks for adding me!

@dscho dscho closed this Apr 15, 2014

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