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Finding An Open Issue That Suits My Skills

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Not all reported issues immediately find someone to work on them. All labels that nobody has volunteered for are labelled to categorize them according to hardness and effort.

 	| C  D
 	| A  B
 	+-------> Effort

and we have given them names:

  • A - Donald Duck: This issue should be few lines of code and doable in a manageable amount of time by someone not familiar by the codebase at all.
  • B - Scrat: This issue takes more effort but is still quite straightforward to do. Quite some more lines of code than A.
  • C - Albert Einstein: Something that is probably not many lines of code but needs some research and/or discussion.
  • D - Chuck Norris: A big redesign that needs research and will also result in a lot of changes or new code.
So if you are new to the Git for Windows community have a look for "Donald Duck" issues which will give you a good starting point to get involved. The more you become familiar with the project the more you can increase your level of issue solving.