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Kevin Cernekee wrote me that he created a token generator compatible with SecurID. It is open sourced and can be run natively on Linux and I suggest to use it instead:
stoken on GitHub
SourceForge project page

This is a set of scripts for running RSA SecurID from the Linux command line.

Setting up:

  1. Install wine and xvfb:

    $ apt-get install wine xvfb
  2. Download and install SecurID software using wine:

    Unfortunately version 3.0 is no longer available from RSA. The latest version won't work.

  3. Import your token file and set the advanced view (View -> Advanced View):

    $ wine "C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA SecurID Software Token\SecurID.exe"
  4. Download and unpack AutoHotkey:

    $ wget
    $ unzip -x -d AutoHotkey
  5. Set your pin code inside securid.ahk file.


$ chmod +x
$ ./
Remaining time:   12 Sec
Current PASSCODE: 23641982
Next PASSCODE:    74382911