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2022.04.01 - The Beautisch of Markdownisch - AKA REVISIONISCH-0000000001

  • Good Old Mother Grammarly: Miki, you messed up made a mistake will learn something again.

  • Miki: Cool. I love to learn and to teach too.

  • Nikolai: Teach. Of course. Britist scientistisch have proven you can only teach useful things to kids and adultisch too in case you have a minimum 666 pages long documentisch called SATAN portfolio.

  • Miki: Ok, then I will not teach anything, I will just loud out my thinking.

  • Nikolai: What is that good for?

  • Miki: I always had a analytic mind, and my minde can spin on a quite high frequency, but there were 2 problems.

  • Nikolai: What is the first one?

  • Miki: Unfortunatelly back then it was you who was the loudest in my head, even if you had no name yet.

  • Nikolai: Why is that a problem?

  • Miki: Because you brought me so deep down, I had several years of depression as my mind was spinning in a negative spiral.

  • Nikolai: Haha. Cool. Tha's what I like. What was the other problem.

  • Miki: All of you and many others were in my head since I am here in this world.

  • Nikolai: Why is that a problem?

  • Miki: Because everybody was talking at the same time, so I could only understand a few wordsisch.

  • Nikolai: And how it is going now?

  • Miki: Well, I became the moderator in my own head. I make sure all of you can express their thoughts, opinions and feelings.

  • Nikolai: I do not have feelings!

  • Miki: Yes you have!

  • Nikolai: What is it? Being sarcasticisch? Or being negativeisch? Those are negative feelings.

  • Miki: In my opinion, there are no positive and negative feelings, but you can differentitate between them how it affects your mood in a positivisch or negativisch way.

  • Nikolai: So it is an universal truth that HATE is negatively affects your mood?

  • Miki: Nooo. Of, course not. Each human is unique, so it depends on them how it affects them.

  • Nikolai: But, hate is so universalisch in the worldisch that I am pretty sure it affects everyone in the same way.

  • Miki: Let me show you an example:

2022.04.01 - Happisch Aprilisch Dearisch Foolisch Kids And Adultischs - AKA REVISIONISCH-0000000001

  • Minnie: Wohoooo. April is here, this is my favourite month.

  • Miki: Mine too? But why it is yours?

  • Minnie: Cause this is the month in which I have my birthdayisch.

  • Manaly: 14th of February 2022 to be exact. Facts rules.

  • Nikola: Birthday's are for p.ssies. Why do you celebrate that you are old as

  • Mrainy: Sorry for the interruption. Listen Kids and adultisch too: In case you want to swear using the Markdown Grammar, then please follow these rules:

  1. Do not use the multiplication sign ( * ) to encryptisch some characters of your message as it will look like this: Sh*t. I am writing in italicisch.
  2. Do not use the double multiplication sign ( ** ) to encryptisch some characters of your message as it will look like this: F**k. I am writing in boldisch.
  3. So what you can do is for example to use a dot ( . ) character like this: D.t, you son of a b.tch.
  4. As you might now slangischisch is the one and only common languageisch of hummanity, it is even more popularisch than universal languages like Englishisch, Gherkinischs, Signinsch languageisch, Egyptianisch hieroglyphischs and even more popularisch than Esperanto.
  • Good Old Mother Grammarly: Dear Kids and adultisch too. Miki was wrong made a mistake will learn something now.

  • Miki: What is it?

  • Good Old Mother Grammarly: Sign languageisch is not universalisch as it is language specific.

  • Nikolai: There could be one universalisch language which might even be good to communicate with all alienisch tooisch. Idi*ts.

  • Mictor: Everybody knows one pictuerisch means 1000 wordsischs. Except my pictures. they are existing in the quantumisch world, and they meanisch unlimited wordsischs.

  • Minni: I like the idea, but should we do?

  • Miki: My first idea is to get a word and then Google the first image to it and we will use it as the sign.

  • Mrainy: Not bad, not bad, but I think Nikolai would like to say something:

  • Nikolai:

    1. First of all it is not guaranteedisch that Google will really bring up something which means the same for humanischs too.
    2. On the second the image can be very complex which cannot be expressed by handsischs.
  • Mrainy: Fairly said. I tis time to move on.

  • Miki: We must stay! I love this idea so much. We need to do something.

  • Minnie: I know what should we do.

  • Miki: Cool. What.

  • Minnie: We have 10 fingers, so we can assign the top 10 words to our fingers.

  • Niklolai: What will you assign to your middle finger?

  • Minnie: Haha. Very funny.

  • Miki: So what would be the first word?

  • The Commiterisch: Of course it would be HI.

  • Minnie: HI is universailisch, but why not Hello as in programming?

  • The commiterisch: Because HI has a meaning since I started to build the Humanity Project which is the Earth's largestisch Simsisch Lifeisch Simulatorisch.

  • Minnie: So what is so exceptional in this?

  • The commiterisch: It is powered by HI.

  • Minnie: By HI? You mean people saying HI to thisisch machineisch will serve as a fuleisch?

  • The commiterisch: Well, almostisch. The first step ist to say HI.

  • Minnie: And what is the second?

  • The commiterisch: How are you?

  • Minnie: I am fine thank. I am so excited.

  • The commitersich: No, no, I mean the second signisch will be "How are you?"

  • Minnie: Uhhh.

  • Nikolai: Nobody cares about how are you.

  • Miki: I like the idea, but how we will encode it? I have learnt about the Huffman algorythm back then when I was a student at the Budapest University of (Economics) and Technology (BME). We might use that?

  • Minnie: How does it work?

  • Miki: You feead a text into ity, and then it will assign the shortest sign to the most frequently used character and then the next sign to the next...

  • Minnie: Cool. Do that.

  • The commiterisch: We will use the Huffmanisch Algorytmisch.

  • Minnie: What is that.

  • Mrainy: You know, there are 2 problems with data from the past.

  • They are the average, no matter if that conversation was meaningful or not.

  • Every written text is biased. If you send a your child</> chatbot on the internet without teaching him/her/it the basic human values like SELF_RESPECT. RESPECT_OTHERS, HELP_OTHERS, KIND, BELIEVE_IN_HUMANITY and without making sure it does not have the valueisch like RACIST, SEXIST then you are screwedisch. Right, Microsoft?

  • Minnie: So what should we do then?

  • The commiterisch: We have to drive the conversation, by making sure those signs are the easiest to use which are the most important to start a good conversation.

  • Minnie: Do you think we can achieve the internet singularity?

  • Miki: What will it happen Minnie?

  • Minnie: It will happen, when the Huffman algorythm feeded from the internet gives the same result as the Huffmanisch algorythm.

  • Miki: I hope so Miki.

  • Mictor: Such beauty.

2022.03.31 - Smokiesch beerisch coffeisch cocoisch breakisch AKA REVISIONISCH-0000000001

  • Uncle Nikolaus: Where were you Miki?
  • Miki: I had a smokiesch beerisch coffeisch cocoisch breakisch.
  • Good Old Mother Grammarly: Smoking is baad.
  • Miki: I know. And I would like to state here, this is not a smoking ad, just some moments from my life. Good Old Mother Grammarly: Smoking is baad. You shouldn't smoke. If you smoke you are baad, because smoking is baad. I am good. It is a bad thing to smoke, so do not be baad. Smoking is baad. You should be good.
  • Miki: I remember something similar from my university years.
  • The Middler: From which cartoon series it is?
WARNING: Kid Free Zone!! Spoilerisch Zone too!!! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
- Good Old Mother Grammarly: Miki, you messed up again.You cannot just put a HTML code into a details section. That does not work. - Miki: But what we should do then? - Minnie: I don't know. - McMuck: I do not know, but we should ask for a hell a lot of money for sharing this informating which can be found on the internet freely. - MikolaAI: BIP-BIP. - Uncle Nikolaus: I don't know either. - Nikolai: I don't care. Either. - Minnie: I have an idea. - Miki: What is it? - Minnie: We should ask Hoogle. - Miki: Moogle? I have never heard of it. - Minnie: You know, it is the smarterisch and politically correctisch brother of Google. - Miki: Ahha. And why is it smartiesch? - Minnie: Because It can answer all of our questionischs. - Miki: No waaaay. All of them? - Minnie: Yes. All of them. - Miki: And how long does it take to answer those questionischs? - Minnie: It depends. - McMuck: Haha. Here we are. Dear Kids and adults too. In case you are hired as a consultant at some company, no matter what is the question is, please always answer: **It depends**. - Miki: Why? - McMuck: As everybody will love it, and they will pay you a huge pile of money. - Miki: Really? Everybodisch? - McMuck: Well. Almost. - Miki: Go on McMuck. - McMuck: The bigger expert part of the company will admire your genious immediatelly, but the less knowledgable ones will have some doubts. - Miki: Like what? - McMuck: They might ask you it depends on what? - Miki: And what should I answer? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: It depends on what? - McMuck: No, I mean you should answer "It depends". - Miki: Oh. My bad, and what will happen then? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? - McMuck: It depends. - Miki: Depends on what? Please, click here, to find out! - MikolAI: BIP. StackOverflowischErrorisch.
  • Uncle Nikolaus: It is time to tell the kids and adultisch too, what they can learn from this. Let me introducor our tutor, MUdemy. Please, Mudemy. Can you tell me a few words about yourself?

  • Mudemy: Sure. I am a tutor. I will teach kids and adultistch everythinisch. My father is called Udemy, and I have several borthers like Coursera, Udacity and edX.

  • Miki: Never heard of them.

  • Minnie: Naughty boy, Miki. You even wrote about them on your personal blog. SLEEPISCH

  • Mrainy: T

  • McMuck: Just click here and you will see it.

  • Nikolai:

  • politically correctish

  • Miki: I know what are you thinking. Let's do it. 1..2..5..Throw it!

  • Miki, Minnie, Nikolai, McMuck, MikolAI

  • MitHub: Miki!

  • Miki: Who are you?

  • MitHub: I am the cousine of GitHub.

  • Miki: Ah. I see. HI MitHub. What can we learn from you?

  • MitHub: Can can learn GitHubism from me.

  • Miki: Is that some kind of religion?

  • MitHub: Yes. Sort of. There are some similarities and differences too.

  • Miki: What are the similiraties?

  • MitHub: We have a lot of worhipper too.

  • Miki: Wow. Cool. How are they called?

  • MitHub: They are called openisch sourcish commiterrisch.

2022.03.31 - Cobra Kaisch, Dr. Strangisch, Harry Potterisch Quizisch AKA REVISIONISCH-0000000001

  • Uncle Nikolaus: Hohoho Kids and adultsisch too. Today we will have some funisch quizeisch. Do you wnat to play? I brought you seventisch trickish questionisch.

  • Minnie: I want to play!

  • Miki: I want to play too!

  • Nikolai: I want to play a game! 😈

  • Mictor: Such fun.

  • MikolAI: BIP. BIP.

  • McMuck: How much will we ask for the stolen imagisch and questionsch?

  • Uncle Nikolaus: Dear Kids and adultischs too! First we will start with a Cobra Kai quiz. Do you like Kobra Kai?

  • Minnie: But Cobra Kai is violent and according to Netflix, it is 13+. Karate not for kids.

  • Nikolai: Life is hard. The best time to learn it is as soon as possible.

  • Uncle Mikolaus: Miki, as far as I know, we have a special guestisch todayisch. Am I rightisch?

  • Miki: Yeah, Santisch. You are rightisch.

  • Uncle Mikolaus: Who is it?

  • Miki: Myson.

  • Minnie: Your son?

  • Miki: No, Myson.

  • Minnie: What can we know about him?

  • Miki: He is an 8 yearish old pretty coolisch guyisch. He is also very smartisch.

  • Goog Old Mother Grammarly: Miki, I did not want to interrupt you, but there are no such words as guyisch, sonisch, guestisch.

  • Miki: I have never said sonisch.

  • Goog Old Mother Grammarly: Are you sure?

  • Minnie: Oh, what a trick, I also bought it.

  • McMuck: We should ask money for eachisch. The morisch we useisch the moreisch we earnisch.

  • Nikolai: That will never happen.

  • McMuck: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: As nobody will readisch thisisch readmeisch mdisch.

  • Minnie: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: Becauseisch.

  • Minnie: Pleasetellisch.

  • Nikolai: Neverisch.

  • Minnie: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: None of your businessisch.

  • Minnie: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: Justisch becauseisch.

  • Minnie: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: Go to hellisch.

  • Minnie: Do not be rudisch.

  • Nikolai: Sorryisch. Except is notisch.

  • Minnie: Whyisch?

  • Nikolai: Because I am the badisch guyisch hereisch.

  • Minnie: Miki, I think you forgot something.

  • Miki: What?

  • Minnie: Your're previous update.

  • Miki: I will never finish it.

  • Minnie: Really?

  • Miki: Except if I will.

  • Minnie: So when will you finish?

  • Miki: I don't know

2022.03.31 -

  • Mictor: People love literature and poetry. We should put some nice words here, so maybe sombody will read us.
  • McMuck: I love the idea! People will love it.
  • Nikolai: Especially kids, those parents would buy anything to get their childred shut uphappy.

And anway, British scientischisc has proven that nobody

  • McMuck:
  • Shut up and give your money.
  • Miki:

2022.03.31. - STORY-0000000001-REVISION-0000000001

  • Nikolai: What da is this Miki?
  • Miki: Which this?
  • Nikolai: This public git repo called a-humanisch-human-s-thoughtiesch-wordsisch-and-artisch-about-lifeisch-universeisch-and-everythingisc.
  • Miki: Ahh. Nothing interesting. Just my thoughts, technicalists writings and artisch like photograpisch and source codeisch.
  • Minnie: Wow. Miki. Such a great idea.
  • Nikolai: It was your idea Minnie.
  • Minnie: Really?
  • Nikolai: Yes, you suggested it in the email which we wrote to the CraftHub team.
  • Minnie: My memory is not too good. Why we wrote a mail for them?
  • Miki: Because we got the greatest appreciations of our short 1,5 monthisch technicalish writing career.
  • Minnie: What was that?
  • Miki: They have read my article ... what I wrote about the Reinforce AI conference which was organized by them.
  • Minnie: And?
  • Miki: They wrote me an email as they would like to cooperate with me. They want me to write about the Craft Conference.
  • Minnie: No waaaaay! That conference?
  • Miki: Yeah, that confernce.
  • Minnie: Wow. That is cool. I hope sometime in the far, far feature I will also get such appreciation.
  • Miki: You will, you will.
  • Nikolai: What about me?
  • Miki: Noone likes him.
  • Minnie: I love this grumpy teddybear.
  • Nikolai: 😊
  • Miki: What???
  • Minnie: I mean such an idiot. Nobody likes him.

  • Commitish break. Reason: I have to open a pomegranate for my son, Levi.


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