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10k personal search engine (10kse)


A few examples of what the app looks like running.



search results

My submission for the 10k apart contest.

developed by

Jim R. Wilson (jimbojw | hexlib)


This is an application that I've wanted to write for a long time, but didn't for a variety of reasons - the most salient of which being the difficulty of implementing such an app in a cross-browser fashion.

The 10k apart contest seemed like an excellent opportunity to sit down and actually put it together.


The source tree looks something like this:

  • src - source code separated out by type
  • build - files used in building the compressed/crushed end result
  • dist - output from the build
  • test - unit testing n' such

IMPORTANT: Don't bother opening src/index.html via a file:// URI. Modern browsers are very picky about running code between zones, so the bookmarklet to add links will flat-out not work since it needs to postMessage() to a hidden iframe. You'll have to run some kind of web server to serve up the content, even for development.


To clean out your build:

make clean

To build


Building requires these dependencies:

  • java - used to run rhino for jslint checks and other scripts plus google closure compiler and YUI compressor
  • ImageMagick - specifically, the convert command - used to turn the ppm file into a png
  • pngcrush - makes the data png file really tiny



10kse is released under The MIT License.