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A Python module for retrieving links for a given keyword form various sources.
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Facetfinder is a series of wrappers for different search APIs:

  • Flickr image search
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Bing news search
  • Google blog search
  • Delicious tag search

This repository includes the bingapi, flickr and feedparser modules but you should probably move them to your modules directory. You will also need to get Google's Gdata lib.

Make sure you have entered your BING & Flickr API keys in


from Facetfinder import Facetfinder

ff = Facetfinder()

items = ff.get_blogs('textile')

for i in items:
    print i.url
    print i.title
    print i.source
    print i.keyword

Available methods:

  • get_flickr(keyword) #flickr is VERY slow
  • get_twitter(keyword)
  • get_youtube(keyword)
  • get_news(keyword)
  • get_blogs(keyword)
  • get_delicious(keyword)
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