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README.markdown plugin for Pentadactyl Firefox plugin

This is basically just a cut and paste job on top of Thedward Blevins' Pinboard adaptation which is a basically just a cut and paste job on top of the wonderful Delicious plugin by nikolai.weibull.


See Pentadactyl's plugin installation instructions.

Install these plugins by copying them to the ~/.pentadactyl/plugins/ directory (or %USERPROFILE%\pentadactyl\plugins on Windows).


Use the rinboard command in Pendatactyl.

Shortcut rin

Such a name is used due to a conflict with the Pentadactyl "pintab" command.

Sample usage

:rinboard -description Description\ for\ current\ page tag1 tag2 .private-tag

:rinboard tag1 tag-other -description "Another way to make a description"

Pinboard API authentication

If asked by Firefox, enter your standard username and password for Pinboard. There's no need to create a separate API account.