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DJ Skeletor

DJ Skeletor is a skeleton Django project handy for bootstrapping new empty projects.

The repository contains an empty, relocatable Django project with South, Django Debug Toolbar and Sentry apps set, and with provisions for test and production settings.

Quick setup

# prepare the environment
virtualenv --no-site-packages myenv
cd myenv
source bin/activate
pip install django django-debug-toolbar south django-sentry

# get the skeleton project
git clone myproject
cd myproject

# activate dev environment
cd settings
ln -s
cd ..
python syncdb
python migrate sentry

# run it!
python runserver


Settings are handled in the settings module:

  • settings.base - base/invariant project settings
  • - development/test environment
  • - production environment
  • settings.local - a symlink to current environment settings

To activate the specific environment, symlink settings/ (not in the repository for obvious reasons) to either prod or dev (or some other, if you need more different enviroments) settings module.

Django Debug Toolbar

Django Debug Toolbar is set up so it's always visible in the dev environment, no matter what the client IP is, and always hidden in the production environment.


A simple sqlite3 database is configured in the settings, so no additional configuration is needed to start hacking right away. South is used for schema migrations.


Sentry is used in the integrated setup, ie. as an app inside the Django project. This makes things simpler when starting. When the project grows, or if you have several apps you need to monitor, consider switching to running Sentry in Client/Server mode.

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