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github-search.vim is a Vim plugin to search Github with Vim.

here's the result of running :GHSearchRepo ruby-kata



  • A. It's faster than doing it with browser 1) search in browser 2) copy clone url 3) clone in terminal 4) open in Vim
  • B. I prefer Vim to study sources, so I made it easier


If you're Vundle user

  1. run :BundleInstall gmarik/github-search.vim within Vim
  2. add Bundle 'gmarik/github-search.vim' to your Vundle powered .vimrc


run in Vim

:GHSearchRepo somethin to search for somethin

Pressing C over selected repo will clone repo to ~/src/github_user/github_repo. To change that path, you can set the g:github_search_path_format variable in your vimfiles. There are three placeholders that will be replaced.:

  • :repo: the full repo path, like gmarik/github-search.vim
  • :author: the author of the repo, in this case gmarik
  • :project: the name of the project, github-search.vim

So, for example, if you want to clone this repo to ~/projects/github-search.vim, you can do that with:

let g:github_search_path_format = '~/projects/:project'


  • Curl - to query github
  • Git - to clone