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1) Build a distributed bookmark service, which is easy to bookmark, tag, and share web-based information in a robust way, where data is controlled and owned by users.
2) Provide users a local cache of data and metadata on their bookmarked pages, so they
can generate/sync/store their own search and usage data
3) To build infrasructure for other distributed p2p data sharing systems to use in the future. Gitmarks middle-ware will be adapatable to work with sparkleshare, or other systems in the future.
4) To build a 'friends bookmarks' search system, whereby it is easy to search friends bookmarks for best search results.
5) Bonous
To build infrastructure for Eben Moglen "Freedom Box" style p2p systems
Capitalism is well known to build 2nd rate technology, due to it's desire to 'get it done and get paid' and it's desire to cripple technology to create a revenue stream. Just For Fun (JFF) and I Need This (INT) projects do nut suffer from those drawbacks.
In network/internet terms, this amounts to commercal companies developing client-server systems, where peer to peer systems would be more robust, more technically elegant, and more easily scaleable. The conversion of the internet from Peer to Peer into Client-server (or peer to client to peer) is a technical threat to it's continued robustness and freedom.
Design (Technical) Overview:
Overview is broken down into procelin (UI/user stuff) and brass(plumbing/tools)
A firefox plugin that can use keyboard shortcuts to manage bookmarks (a-la delicious)
- Add a bookmark, update a bookmark, flag a bookmark for a friend
- Receive bookmarks from friends
- Receive notifications when a bookmarked page changes
A firefox search plugin/tool
- A plugin to search for phrases or words in pages bookmarked
- The ability to search for words or phrases by tag,
- The ability to search for words or phrases in specific friends (or groups)
directory with code/tools for repository (git dir for developers)
git local repo of public tags listings and metadata
- when synced to a server, content is (world + dog viewable, friend writable)
git local repo of private tags, status, notifications
- when sycned to server, content is (encrypted, pw protected maybe?, friend writable)
git local repo of local search data for processing (optional, only locally writable)
- json files for each bookmark
- cache of recent searches, requests, etc for search data or user data
pub/subscriber service on the web to sync public/private data to/from when offfline
Brass: Filesystem:
- /tools - git local repo containing code for duing gitmarks dev's
(link to other git repo type 'Dev')
- /public - local git repo gitmark (links to other git repo type Pub, world+dog can read)
- gitmark file for each bookmark
/tags - stats and tags in private
/posted - plaintext bookmarks 'sent' from friends
- /private - local git repo (links to other git repo type Priv)
- egitmarks files (encrypted gitmark )
/tags - stats and tags in private
/posted - encrypted bookmarks 'sent' from friends (public key if to/from other users)
- /content - (optional) local content (scraped pages, stats, info, tags info, etc) (can be synced to git repo type C)
Python Code Layout
The main classes and code are as follows:
- class gitmark:
Class represents a single gitmark and it's stats and metadata.
- class gitmarkRepoSyncer:
Calss contains tools for managing remote <-> local repositories
Most of this is automated into a simple 'fetch, merge, check for changes, push'
No class, this is a command line file to add gitmarks to the repository.
No class, this is a command line file to check for friends updates.