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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
Created by Hilary Mason on 2010-11-28.
Copyright (c) 2010 Hilary Mason. All rights reserved.
import sys
import urllib
from xml.dom import minidom
from xml.parsers import expat
from gitmark import gitmark
from gitmark_add import addToRepo, addToPublicRepo
def cache_to_local_file(local_file, content):
"""Save content in local file"""
h = open(local_file, 'w')
def import_delicious_to_local_git(username, password='', url=None):
""" imports a delicious file to the local git system. If url is not set
a delicious API url is generated. if url is set (for a file, for example)
that file is imported."""
if not url:
url = "" % (username,
#req = urllib2.Request(url, headers={'Accept':'application/xml'})
h = urllib.urlopen(url)
# Url is actually a local file in this case
url = urllub.pathname2url(url)
h = open(url)
content =
#--enable to cache a copy of the file to test using
#cache_to_local_file('delicious_cache.htm', content):
# check for signs of a yahoo error page, with causes minidom to flip out
if( len(content) >=6 and content[:5] == '<!-- ' ):
print content
print "yahoo error, no data fetched "
x = minidom.parseString(content)
except expat.ExpatError, e:
saveFile = "minidom_freakout.xml"
fh = open(saveFile, "w")
print "== Above content caused minidom to flipped out\n %s" % (e)
print "Saving problematic file as %s" % (saveFile)
print "Saved problematic file as %s" % (saveFile)
return -1
# sample post: <post href="" hash="e3ac1d1e4403d077ee7e65f62a55c406" description="Linux Commands - A practical reference" tag="linux tutorial reference" time="2010-11-29T01:07:35Z" extended="" meta="c79362665abb0303d577b6b9aa341599" />
post_list = x.getElementsByTagName('post')
newMarksList = []
for post_index, post in enumerate(post_list):
url = post.getAttribute('href')
desc = post.getAttribute('description')
timestamp = post.getAttribute('time')
raw_tags = post.getAttribute('tag')
extended = post.getAttribute('extended')
meta = post.getAttribute('meta')
# turn a comma separated list of tags into a real list of tags
tags = [tag.lstrip().rstrip() for tag in raw_tags.split()]
privateString = post.getAttribute('private')
g = gitmark(url, 'delicious:'+ str(username))
g.description = desc
g.tags = tags
g.time = timestamp
g.rights = None
g.meta = meta
g.extended = extended
if(privateString == "0" or privateString==""):
g.private = False
#break here for single test without data resetting/fixing
except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
print >>sys.stderr, ("backup interrupted by KeyboardInterrupt/SystemExit" )
except Exception as e:
print >> sys.stderr, ("unknown exception %s" %(e))
print "all kinds of new gitmarks!!"
print "we have %d new marks" % len(newMarksList)
for mark in newMarksList:
# FUTURE: speeed this up, by passing a whole list
print "adding mark %s to repo %s" %(str(mark.title), str(mark.private) )
err = addToRepo(mark,doPush=False)
if (err > 0):
print "mark add error %s" %str(err)
return 0
# -- hack test main for when yahoo sucks and I need to test
if __name__ == '__offfline_main__':
x = {"extended": "",
"hash": "082d479d946d5e9ebd891509446d9cbc",
"description": "SSH and SCP: Howto, tips & tricks \u00ab Linux Tutorial Blog",
"rights": None,
"creator": "delicious:farmckon",
"uri": "",
"private": False,
"meta": "09f8b3205ee44cac3a94305db4337a7b",
"time": "2011-02-05T21:16:48Z",
"tags": ["ssh", "scp", "linux_tutorial","howto"]}
g = gitmark(x['uri'], x['creator'])
g.description = x['description']
g.tags = x['tags']
g.time = x['time']
g.rights = None
g.meta = x["meta"]
g.extended = x['extended']
g.private = x['private']
if __name__ == '__main__':
usage = """
Usage: python cached-page-uri
Usage: python username password
***Password and username are sent as HTTPS***"
if (len(sys.argv) == 2):
import getpass
import socket
username = getpass.getuser()
host = socket.gethostname()
username = '%s@%s' % (str(username), str(host))
import_delicious_to_local_git(username, password=None, url=sys.argv[1])
elif (len(sys.argv) == 3):
(username, password) = sys.argv[1:]
except ValueError:
print usage
import_delicious_to_local_git(username, password)
print usage