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A complete server management application
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This project aims to provider a complete server provisioning and configuration management application.

The first version is a unified front-end to public and private clouds, custom server providers and dedicated hardware.


  • EC2 and Rackspace server provisioning. All clouds supported by libcloud will be supported given enough testing
  • Provider Plugins: Any provider can be integrated by writing either a libcloud driver or an Overmind provisioning plugin
  • Import any server into Overmind witht the "Dedicated Hardware" plugin
  • Complete REST API for provider and nodes
  • Authentication with three user roles

See the wiki for architectural info and to know more about the future direction of the project.



  • Python 2.6+
  • Django 1.2+
  • libcloud
  • django-celery
  • RabbitMQ (or alternative message queue supported by Celery)


  • django-piston (for the REST API)
  • IPy (optional, improved IP address validation for the "Dedicated Hardware" plugin)

Example installation on Debian/Ubuntu

  • sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server
  • sudo pip install django
  • sudo pip install django-celery
  • sudo pip install apache-libcloud

Install Overmind

  • Download the last stable release from and unpack it
  • Create the DB by changing to the overmind/ directory and running:

    python syncdb
  • For testing purposes start the celery server on a console

    python celeryd -l info

    and the django development server

      python runserver

Now you can visit the Overmind overview page on localhost:8000/overview

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