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3.0 - XX/XX/XXXX
* Refactored the way URL are handled.
* Improved the english documentation
* Fixed packaging using setuptools entrypoints
* Added typogrify support
* Added a way to disable feed generation
* Added support for DIRECT_TEMPLATES
* Allow multiple extensions for content files
* Added less support
* Improved the import script
* Fixed a bunch of bugs :-)
* Added functional tests
* Rsync support in the generated Makefile
* Improved feed support (easily pluggable with feedburner for instance)
* dotclear importer
* Allow the usage of markdown extensions
* Themes are now easily extensible
* Don't output pagination information if there is only one page.
* Add a page per author, with all their articles
* Improved the test suite
* Made the themes more easy to extend
* Removed Skribit support
* Added a "pelican-quickstart" script
* Fixed timezone-related issues
* Add some scripts for windows support
* Date can be specified in seconds
* Never fail when generating posts (skip and continue)
* Allow the use of future dates
* Support having different timezones per languages.
* Enhanced the documentation
* Uses logging rather than echoing to stdout
* Support custom jinja filters
* Compatibility with python 2.5
* Add a theme manager
* Packaged for debian
* Add draft support
* changes in the output directory structure
* makes templates easier to work with / create
* Add RSS support (was only atom previously)
* Add tag support for the feeds
* Enhance the documentation
* Add another theme (brownstone)
* Add translations
* Add a way to use "cleaner urls" with a rewrite url module (or equivalent)
* Add a tag cloud
* Add an autoreloading feature: the blog is automatically regenerated each time a modification is detected
* Translate the documentation in french
* import a blog from an rss feed
* Pagination support
* Add skribit support
* import from wordpress
* add some new themes (martyalchin / wide-notmyidea)
* first bug report !
* linkedin support
* added a FAQ
* google analytics support
* twitter support
* use relative urls not static ones
* minor themes changes
* add disqus support (so we have comments)
* another code refactoring
* add config settings about pages
* blog entries can also be generated in pdf
* markdown support
* Prettify output
* Manages static pages as well
* Put the notmyidea theme by default
* Refactoring to be more extensible
* Change into the setting variables
* Add a debug option
* Add feeds per category
* Use filsystem to get dates if no metadata provided
* Add pygment support
* first working version