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string-search What

This project is an implementation of several fast exact string searching algorithms. It provides 6 executables:

  • bin/search0: Brute-force
  • bin/search1: Shift-and
  • bin/search1-bit-vector: Bit-vector version of the Shift-and algorithm
  • bin/search2: Knuth-Morris-Pratt
  • bin/search3: Boyer-Moore-Horspool
  • bin/search4: Rabin-Karp


mkdir bin
cmake .


./bin/searchX pattern-file [files ...]


There is a known issue in search1: when searching for the pattern aaaa in the text aaaaaaaaa, the algorithm will find one before the start of the file. This is probably caused by the optimizations there. I don't know if I will ever fix this bug, since the project has been handed in now.