Texo project parts which can not be hosted at Eclipse
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The Texo repo at github contains example projects and different things I am trying looking at. 

> org.eclipse.emf.texo.web.example
This is an example of using Texo in a standard java webapp with eclipselink and EMF. It contains example 
code on how to generate test data and how to call XML/JSON webservices. See this video:

> org.eclipse.emf.texo.react 
Is a test project for getting to know Facebook's React functionality and see how it can be used in a 
model-driven UI framework for generating/working with CRUD interfaces.
> org.eclipse.emf.texo.example1.rcp
Contains an example rcp which can use Texo as the backend. But... it is not complete and probably not functional.
So not sure if it makes sense for anyone to look at.

For the mid/longer term it seems more viable to integrate the ECP (Eclipse Client Platform) and Texo.