A port of the Tango library to D2
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Tango D2 Port

This is a half-hearted effort to port Tango to the D2 programming language. I am doing this quickly, and in a haphazard fashion. I primarily care that it compiles, and passes the unittests (or my own quick tests). I am sure the parts I ported don't work 100%.

This port roughly follows the guidelines outlined in the porting_guidelines file. If you want to help out, please follow that procedure.

I see this as a rough first pass at porting this library... making it more D2-like will be the second pass.

What can you expect?

There is some basic stuff that is quite useable in the current version. More modules may work, but only the listed ones pass the import + unittest test.

  • tango.io.Stdout
  • tango.io.Console
  • tango.io.File
  • tango.core.Array
  • tango.core.Thread
  • tango.core.Traits
  • tango.text.xml.Document
  • tango.text.convert.Layout
  • tango.util.container.*
  • tango.math.*
  • ... and some parts of the others ...
  • ... an overhauled tango.net.* module ...

What you cannot expect!

Anything that's hard to port... like intrinsics/anything that's Tango's runtime specific. But who knows... I'm porting stuff rather randomly.

Building the Libary

You can just checkout the libary and start building it. There is a Makefile for GNU/Linux to build the libary. I assume that you're using dmd to compile it! Just type the following commands to your console.

$ cd /usr/include/d/dmd
$ git clone git://github.com/mtachrono/tango.git tango
$ cd tango
$ make -f posix.mak
$ make install -f posix.mak

Your build is generated into generated/$(BUILD)/$(MODEL)/libtango2.lib and installed into /usr/lib$(MODEL)/libtango2.lib


move generated/release/32/libtango2.lib to /usr/lib32/libtango2.lib

move generated/debug/64/libtango2.lib to /usr/lib64/libtango2.lib

Makefile Targets

There are additional parts that might be interessting for you to build. If you want to build the libary and additional parts you need to enter the following commands

  • [make -f posix.mak] same as 'make release -f posix.mak
  • [make release -f posix.mak] build release (default) [adds -O -release -nofloat]
  • [make debug -f posix.mak] build debug [adds -g -debug]
  • [make install -f posix.mak] And of course you can install the libary to /usr/lib32 or /usr/lib64 (see MODEL)
  • [make unittest -f posix.mak] build debug and release unittest [adds -g -debug -debug=UnitTest -unittest ] and starts testing
  • [make import -f posix.mak] generates a .di file for each .d source file to ./import.
  • [make doc -f posix.mak] You can also generate the docs. They'll be puttet to ./doc
  • [make example -f posix.mak] will compile all examples to ./example.
  • [make clean -f posix.mak] If you need to rebuild the libary, you can tidy up your folder with this command.`

Makefile switches

You can pass additional switches for make You can use multiple switches in conjunction with each other.

  • make -f posix.mak MODEL=64 # 64-Bit Version
  • make -f posix.mak MODEL=32 # 32-Bit Version (default)
  • make -f posix.mak DMD=/usr/local/dmd # use this dmd compiler
  • make -f posix.mak CFLAGS=... DFLAGS=... LFLAGS=... # set your own .c, .d, and linker flags

About druntime

Druntime is a minimal implementation of the garbage collector and c bindings of the stdlib written in d. Tango and Phobos heavily rely on this library. You can either link to druntime or embedd it in tango. By default you have to link to druntime.

  • make -f posix.mak DFLAGS=-I../druntime/import LFLAGS=../druntime/lib/libdruntime.a

Setting up your Environment

If you want to build your applications with tango, you need to take care to link against the tango libary. You can tell dmd to automatically link to tangolib by modifing /etc/dmd.conf. Basically you need to add the following line.

-I/usr/include/d/dmd/tango -L-ltango2

Here is my complete /etc/dmd.conf

[Environment] DFLAGS= -I/usr/include/d/dmd/phobos -I/usr/include/d/dmd/tango -I/usr/include/d/dmd/druntime/import -L-L/usr/lib32 -L-L/usr/lib64 -L--export-dynamic -L-lrt -L-ltango2

Guided Installation


  • You can message me on github, or find me on IRC on #d and #d.tango @ irc.freenode.net