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This is a simple keystroke biometrics identification system. It is a Java GUI application and MySQL DB.

The application covers the training and the user identification modules. It uses the user latency between keboard keystrokes as an identification feature for different users.

Keystroke Biometric:

Keystroke biometric technique is one of these ideas that can provide us with better security for our protected information. Keystroke identification differ from other biometric techniques where it doesn’t require any special security hardware, it requires only the already existing computer keyboard to measure keystroke dynamic which differ from user to user . Each user has a typing signature for keystroke which relate to the keystroke latencies and pressure measures. These two measures are considered to be unique for each user.

The used IDE is eclipse (I uploaded all project artifacts), also the executable JAR file and the MySQL DB script are uploaded.

If you have any questions or want to continue this project feel free to do so :)

Please visit my website.

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