Software based record and replay debugging of TelosB sensor nodes.
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This repository contains runtimes for record and replay of TelosB motes. It is currently available for non-commercial use only. It is based on the following work.

Matthew Tancreti, Vinaitheerthan Sundaram, Saurabh Bagchi, and Patrick Eugster. TARDIS: Software-Only System-Level Record and Replay in Wireless Sensor Networks. In Proceedings of the 14th ACM/IEEE Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), 12 pages, Seattle, Washington, April 14-16, 2015.


Linux x86 or Mac OS X

TinyOS 2.x

Make sure that TinyOS paths are configured correctly, for example, copy from tools into main tinyos directory and execute the following.



Clone repository.

git clone
cd recordreplay

Configure paths using the script (you may want to place this in your shell startup files).


Compile an example TinyOS application (requires TinyOS to be installed and configured).

cd targets/tinyos/examples/Blink

It is normal to see "collect2: ld returned 1 exit status" Check the compile log file build/telosb/log.out for errors.

Program the mote, MOTEDEV needs to be set to your mote's device location.

export MOTEDEV=/dev/ttyUSB0

First make sure the contents of flash are clear by using the following procedure. To enter command mode press and release the reset button while holding down the user button. Now press and release the user button a second time to dump the contents of flash to the serial port. After the light turns green, press the user button two more times to erase the contents of flash. The light will turn red during flash erase and then green when flash is clear. Press reset to restart the mote in record mode.

Let the mote record for 30 seconds. Then enter command mode again by pressing and releasing the reset button while holding down the user button. Start the collection script.

Press and release the user button a second time to dump the contents of flash to the serial port.

The output of should be the following.
build/log-gen.dat log of generic register trace
build/log-state.dat log of state register trace
build/log-int.dat log of interrupt trace
build/log-err.dat log of error trace

The replay the log run the script. build build/telosb

When the emulator opens press run.

Organization - Main instructions.
emulator - Modifed version of mspsim.
targets - Code that is compiled into the target OS.

common - Code that is used across all OSs.
tinyos - TinyOS target specific code.

examples - Example TinyOS apps used for testing.
make - Scripts used to compile applications.

tools - Collection of usefull scripts for collecting and analysing data.
transpiler - Coverts C code into record instrumented code. - Script to set up environment.


The files in this repository are provided as is, for non-commercial purposes only.