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NewHtmlReport PowerShell Module Changelog

v1.2.1, 11 Dec 2016:

  • [fix] fixed issue #1 about default property order from input object if no -Property value specified -- order of properties is now maintained for when -Property parameter not used, instead of having been changed to alphabetical order
  • [update] style: added override for default table width, setting to "auto" (default TableSorter theme from Mottie sets width to "100%")
  • [update] style: added left/right borders to TD items, for legibility of columns
  • [improvement] added Related Links items to cmdlets to list related cmdlets
  • [new] added MIT license

v1.2, Nov 2016:

  • [new] added ability to manage module configuration via cmdlets in module, instead of requiring user to manually edit configuration file in module directory
    • leverages JSON-based config file and new cmdlets Get-NewHtmlReportConfiguration, Set-NewHtmlReportConfiguration, and Reset-NewHtmlReportConfiguration
    • allows for scope of setting: Session, AllUsers
    • enables module configuration in more natural, cmdlet-based way
  • [new] added support for accepting objects from pipeline in New-HtmlReport function
  • [update] changed from defaulting to local resources (JS and CSS files) to now defaulting to online CDN locations for such resources
    • consequently, removed resources\ folder and contents from project
    • while this makes getting started much easier/quicker (see Quick Start section in, to be clear about what else this does: this new default configuration makes the HTML that this module generates dependent upon the consumer of the HTML document having internet access when viewing the HTML document
  • [update] changed from using Christian Bach's original TableSorter jQuery plugin to using the Mottie's more actively developed tablesorter fork
    • props still go to CBach for providing the great plugin!
    • now using the default theme provided by this forked plugin, too
    • still using a minor bit of the original CSS styling that has been a part of this NewHtmlReport module since the beginning

v1.1, Dec 2015:

  • first public release
  • added piece to makeModule.ps1 that replaces keyword in .psd1 file so as to maintain PowerShell v2 compatibility

v1.0.4, 22 Apr 2015:

  • added some logic to only use unique properties from input objects for property selection if no value supplied for -Property param (without this, properties could be listed twice in the output in certain cases, like when an array of file and directory objects was passed as the -InputObject -- both object types have mostly the same properties, and the original logic here was returning each property name, even if duplicate)

v1.0.3, 08 Aug 2014:

  • replaced internal references
  • added parameters -RoundNumber and -NumDecimalPlace to functions New-HtmlReport, New-PageBodyTableHtml
    • so that one can have these functions round items that are numbers to the given number of decimal places, instead of having to format each property individually beforehand

updated 01 Jul 2014:

  • changed New-HtmlReport.psm1 so that the function New-PageBodyTableHtml is now exposed. This function can be called with minimal parameters to insert a table on a page that was already created with a table and share the same formatting.

updated 19 Sep 2013:

  • changed manifest to have explicitly defined items (instead of wildcard, which is not supported in PowerShell v3)

updated 23 Jul 2013:

  • new parameter to New-HtmlReport function: TableCaption, used to specify a caption for the table that is returned in the output
    • the caption is of CSS class tblCaption
    • added default style in for tblCaption class in default .CSS file

updated 19 Jul 2013:

  • new property for InputObjects, bDoRowHighlight, used to specify that given row should be "highlighted", which is handled by adding a CSS class to the TR for that object
    • if bDoRowHighlight is $true on given object, the CSS class of highlightRow is set for that row
    • the module does not display any property by this name (bDoRowHighlight) -- it is taken to be a switch that says to add said CSS to this object's TR in the output
    • to use, just add property of bDoRowHighlight to the desired input objects, with a value of $true
    • suggested CSS selector to set style for this: table.tSorter tbody tr.highlightRow td {...}; the td is part of this, as the style seems to get overridden if stopping at the tr level, due to some TableSorter JavaScript code