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Custom Import for Mautic
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This plugin allow

  • create imports from CSV files from directory
  • run parallel import process by command
  • remove tags by command



Command line

  • composer require mtcextendee/mautic-custom-import-bundle
  • php app/console mautic:plugins:reload
  • Go to /s/plugins and setup CustomImport integration



Create imports from directory

Command: php app/console mautic:import:directory

Setup in plugin settings

  • Template from existed import - it's import from history which is used as template. Especially config (especially parsers config and matched contact fields)
  • Path to directory with CSV files. It's server path where you can store unlimited CSV files

Command read this directory and create standard import from CSV with settings from template.

Run parallel import process

Command: php app/console mautic:import:parallel

First, increase parallel_import_limit in app/config/local.php. Don't forgot clear cache (app/cache/prod/) This option allow run parallel import process by command

Each command in parallel processes import 1000 contacts by default. You can change it in plugin settings (Import records limit)

Remove tags by command

Command: php app/console mautic:remove:tags

If you want tag your contacts by import, then before import you are able to remove tag. Just setup tags in plugin settings and call command


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