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Extendee Tools Bundle

Excelent tools to use to make work with Mautic faster.
One bundle, but bunch of solutions.

Support our projects

Cron Tester

Mautic requires a few cron jobs to handle some maintenance tasks.
This bundle add new buttons execute single cron job:

Segment rebuild
Campaign rebuild/trigger
Send broadcast


Cancel Save changes How to run crons from Mautic by Mautic Extendee Tools Bundle


Segment rebuild Campaign rebuild/trigger Broadcast send

Mail Tester

Mautic email spam test by mail-tester.com. First 20 tests are free.

How to setup?

  1. Just create your account at www.mail-tester.com/manager and setup EMailTester integration
  2. Then go to Mautic and see new Spam email test button in email detail
  3. Button open new window and redirect to mail-tester result page within few seconds

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