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@wsobel wsobel released this Apr 16, 2021

The official 1.7 release of the MTConnect Agent

Added the following features for the 1.7 release:

  • Composition now has Configuration
  • Added keyType to EntryDefinition and CellDefinition
  • Added support for parsing and generating Motion blocks for Configuration.
  • Add support for parsing and generating SolidModel blocks for Configuration.
  • Added the new Agent Device when the version is set to 1.7
  • Refactoring of the HTTP Server to a separate module in prep for MQTT and Boost
  • Refactoring of the parsing and generation of Assets using an abstract entity
  • Better error handling and content validation in assets
  • HTTP put now returns asset errors as an error list when the asset is not parsed
  • Type checking for Asset properties
  • JSON Parsing of assets – not wired into put yet
  • Better ReST query parameter handling
  • Added 'to' parameter to ReST protocol
  • Added support for adapter message rates
  • Completed Version 1.7 support with new SHDR commands for mtconnectVersion and adapterVersion to support the new agent device.
  • ShdrVersion configuration variable and adapter protocol command. Changes tokenizer behavior to allow single-line observations beyond key/value pair.
  • Fixed some entity issues.
  • Added optional Namespace support. If the namespace is not given in the configuration, the XML will exclude the namespace. Added qualified name abstractions for entities.
  • Some performance enhancements
  • Added optional header fields to solve CORS issues.
  • Added SuppessIPAddress option to prevent the IP Address of Adapters from the Agent Device.
  • Refactored many other aspects of the agent
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