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This Github repository translates a ISO 130303-Part 11, i.e., Express, schema 
representation for ISO 13399 into a XML Schema (XSD) representation. The repository 
contains autogenerated C++ and C# code to serialize and deserialize 
13399 XML files. Example visual studio projects demostrate basic XML writing/reading 

ISO 13399 is intended to facilitate the use, manipulation and exchange of 
cutting tool data within and between manufacturing, distribution, and usage.  
ISO 13399 specifies the data representation of everything between the workpiece 
and the machine tool. An ISO 13399 exchange file contains an electronic 
representation of cutting tool data as defined by the information structure 
that can be exchanged by tooling applications.

ISO 13399 is defined as a Schema in the ISO 130303 Express language. 
The ISO 13399  schema develops a framework in which to define tooling 
properties, tooling assemblies,  and relationship between tooling elements.  
There are no actual tooling properties  in the ISO 13399 schema. Instead 
ISO 13399 develops a programming structure in  which to embed ISO 13584, 
which is the Industrial automation systems and  integration – Parts 
library (PLIB). ISO 13399 leverages the ISO 13584 tooling parts  library 
in defining properties. ISO 13584 defines tooling reference dictionaries  
that ISO 13399 then refers to within the definitions of tooling and their 
properties.   For example, ISO 13584-511 is a reference dictionary for 
threaded items defined in  current ISO standards. ISO 13399-5 refers 
to ISO 13584-511 for definitions of threaded  items conforming 
to these standards.