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Server Text

A simple flask service that allows you to run commands on the server/computer over sms. Think of it as a shell where you run commands over sms

Watch Demo Video Here

Please note this is an early version of the program We are also aware of various security issues that comes with this program. We would highly recommend not to run this on production servers. You can run this program to experiment locally


You can view installation demo here Note: I use python version 3.9 but 3.6 is being widely used

  • Before you clone the repo make sure you have python3 and pipenv installed on your machine.You can always verify python by running python3 --version on commandline and if you don't have pipenv installed you can refer to the docs

  • Once you have python and pipenv installed now you can clone the repo git clone

  • Now cd server-text/ and run pipenv shell to activate the virtual environment and pipenv install to install the dependencies.

  • Once you have installed the dependencies before you run the script make sure to populate the script with your email,pas ,number from which you will be sending texts from, and imap server of your email provider


mail = ''# Where you will be receiving texts sent from number
pas = '<email_pass>'
number = '+1[number]@SMS_GATEWAY'# from which you will be sending
imap_server = '<your_email_provider_imap>'
  • Now you can start the server by following command python3

  • Before you view the output makesure to send a command like ls -la from your phone to the email and open localhost:5000 on your browser to see the output of your command.


You can find your sms gateway here

  • AT&T: [number]
  • Sprint: [number] or [number]
  • T-Mobile: [number]
  • Verizon: [number]
  • Boost Mobile: [number]
  • Cricket: [number]
  • Metro PCS: [number]
  • Tracfone: [number]
  • U.S. Cellular: [number]
  • Virgin Mobile: [number]
  • Google Fi: [number]
  • Ting: [number]
  • Telus Mobile: [number]
  • Viaero: [number]

NOTE: Make sure to add +1 before the number.


  • This is available under MIT license and contributions are welcomed.
  • Currently its version 1.0 we do plan to improve this further.
  • If you would like to contribute to this feel free to fork and create a PR and we would be happy to merge your contribution.


  • This script was tested using tmobile and googlefi network.
  • If you are using gmail make sure you have less secure apps turned off
  • There's a time delay in the request since it takes around 10 seconds to receive message from phone to email


A simple service that allows you to run commands on the server using text








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