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Vindinium Starter Kit for Lua

Provides a Lua starter kit for Vindinium, allowing you to easily create an AI bot to compete against other bots.


Create a game loop and pass your API key:

-- Require the vindinium module
Vindinium = require("vindinium")

-- Create a bot function. The bot function is a function that accepts
-- a Map object and returns a direction string. The direction can be
-- one of "Stay", "North", "South", "East", or "West".
function bot(map)
  -- Return a random move
  return ({"Stay", "North", "South", "East", "West"})[math.random(1, 5)]

Vindinium.play{key="my_api_key", bot=bot}


You try out the example bot by running lua example.lua


Requires Lua 5.1 or greater, the dkjson library, and luasocket.

luarocks install dkjson
luarocks install luasocket

Using the Map

The game loop is supplied a map table that provides a list of heroes, mines, taverns, a collision map, and the tiles of the game. For debugging purposes, the map can be cast to a string (as seen in the example above).

Map Functions

map:getTile(x, y)
Returns the tile value for the given grid position.
map:getNeighbors(x, y)
Gets the neighboring tiles for the given coordinates. The return value is a table sequence of hashes, each containing an x, y, and tile key value pair, where "tile" is a Tile object.

Map properties

Unique identifier of the game
Current number of moves since the beginning. This is the total number of moves done at this point. Each turn contains 4 move (one for each player). So if you want to know the "real" turn number, you need to divide this number by 4.
Maximum number of turns. Same as above, you may need to divide this number by 4.
Contains your hero data. See map.heroes for a description of hero data.

Contains a sequence table of heroes. Each element contains a hash of data returned from Vindinium with the hero's X and Y positions updated to start at 1 rather than 0.

  id        = 1,
  name      = "vjousse",
  userId    = "j07ws669",
  elo       = 1200,
  pos       = {x=6, y=7},
  life      = 60,
  gold      = 0,
  mineCount = 0,
  spawnPos  = {"x"=6, "y"=7},
  crashed   = false
Contains a sequence table of mines. Each element in the sequence is a hash containing a "pos" key and "owner" key. The pos key is a hash of "x" and "y", and the owner key is a number between 0 and 4 representing the hero ID that owns the mine (0 for unclaimed mines).
Contains a sequence table of taverns. Each element in the sequence is a hash containing a "pos" key. The pos key is a hash of "x" and "y" values starting at index 1.

Contains a grid table of [y][x] (starting at index 1). Each value is set to one of the following:

  • -1 impass (Map.TILE.IMPASS)
  • 0 empty (Map.TILE.EMPTY)
  • 1 hero 1 (Map.TILE.HERO_1)
  • 2 hero 2 (Map.TILE.HERO_2)
  • 3 hero 3 (Map.TILE.HERO_3)
  • 4 hero 4 (Map.TILE.HERO_4)
  • 5 unclaimed mine (Map.TILE.MINE_0)
  • 6 mine owned by hero 1 (Map.TILE.MINE_1)
  • 7 mine owned by hero 2 (Map.TILE.MINE_2)
  • 8 mine owned by hero 3 (Map.TILE.MINE_3)
  • 9 mine owned by hero 4 (Map.TILE.MINE_4)
  • 10 tavern (Map.TILE.TAVERN)
A URL that you can open in your browser to view a replay of the game.
The URL you need to use to send your move orders to the server.

Using Tile objects

Tile functions

Returns true if the tile is empty.
Returns true if the tile is an impassable wood tile.
Returns a number from 1 to 4 if the tile is a hero, otherwise returns false.
Returns true if the tile is the playable hero.
Returns a number 0-4 if the tile is a mine, where the number represents the mine owner (0 being unowned). If the tile is not a mine, returns false.
Returns true if the tile is a tavern.

Tile properties

Returns the ID of the tile. See Map.grid for a description of IDs.