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Releases: Mte90/Contribute-to-opensource-the-right-way


02 Sep 09:49
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  • More images (with better sizes)
  • 134 pages compared to 115 pages of the previous edition
    • An Italian case section in the conclusion chapter
    • More focus about Burnout, Maintainer duties
    • Better explanation about fundings
    • Some thoughts about why donate money is not enough
  • Various typo fixed and updates where needed
  • Andre Jaenisch did again a full review!


20 Jul 10:27
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  • More books and external resources to let you discover more things
  • A lot of typos fixed
  • New paragraphs/sections, a lot
  • New reviewer Andre Jaenisch, without him wasn't possible to release this new edition
  • 115 pages compared to the previous 100 pages

Please reach me to share your feedback or just to say that you downloaded the book. It is important to me know how many people are downloading it 😀


02 Oct 16:38
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The first official release, I know that a lot of people don't want to leave their email to download it.
So in this release you can find the generated version from Leanpub of those files.

There is also a web version
I suggest to you to take the book for free at so you will receive notifications (it is possible also on GitHub anyway).