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Home of the developement for OWASP WTE - the Web Testing Environment, a collection of pre-packaged Linux AppSec tools, apps and documentation used to create pre-configured VMs or installed ala carte in the Linux of your choice..
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burpsuite Minor update to build scripts for previous packages
cal9000 Minor update to build scripts for previous packages
dirbuster Minor update to build scripts for previous packages
docs Clean up some typos in the package conversion doc
ende Adding EnDe package after completing conversion
fierce Adding Fierce Domain Scan after completing conversion
firefox Adding 'Firefox WTE-style' after completing conversion
fuzzdb Added fuzzdb after completing conversion
grendel-scan Added Grendel-Scan after completing conversion
gruyere Added Gruyere vulnerable app after completing conversion
httprint Added httprint after completing conversion
jbrofuzz Addded jbrofuzz after completing conversion
jerry-curl Created a package for jerry-curl
jq Added i386 versions of jq - which I had missed
mini-rest Added new package: mini-rest - a simple REST API example
netcat Minor fix: Forgot for netcat package
nikto Added nikto after completing conversion
nmap Adding nmap after completing conversion
notes Added example scripts used for API testing
paros Added Paros Proxy after completing conversion
ratproxy Adding ratproxy aftter completing conversion
scripts Added a check that FPM is installed in build library
skipfish Adding skipfish after completing conversion
spikeproxy Adding spikeproxy after completing conversion
sqlbrute Added sqlbrute after completing conversion
sqlmap Added sqlmap after completing conversion and updating to latest version
tcpdump Adding tcpdump after completing conversion
w3af Added for w3af
wapiti Added wapiti after completing conversion
webgoat Added a readme to WebGoat's package directory explaining why no packa…
webscarab Added WebScarab after completing conversion
webslayer Added Webslayer after completing conversion
wireshark Added wireshark after completing conversion
wpscan Added wpscan after completing conversion
wsfuzzer Added wsfuzzer after completing conversion
wte-docs Added WTE Documentation package after completing conversion and updat…
zap Added OWASP Zap after completing conversion and updating to 2.4.0
.gitignore Adding a .gitignore to handle when package .deb or .rpm files are too… Converted README from asciidoc to markdown and added some real content

OWASP WTE - Web Testing Environment

aka We Test Everything

TLDL install instructions for the impatient - just 3 easy steps:

$ sudo echo "deb trusty main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owasp-wte.list
$ wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
$ apt-get update && apt-get -y install owasp-wte-*

So what is OWASP WTE anyway?

OWASP WTE is primarily a bunch of easy to install AppSec tools, apps and documentation. Currently, there's a ready-to-use Debian/Ubuntu repository of .deb packages and some very beta RPMs (not tested as of 2015-05-13). You can either install these packages ala carte on a Linux system of your choice or download an OWASP WTE VM which bundles all the packages together with some extra bling in a turn-key VM. VMs are provided in VirtualBox (.vdi), VMware (.vmdk) and Open Virtual Appliance (.ova) formats compressed with 7zip. VMs can be downloaded from here - Don't forget to check the SHA sums

A .deb repository of i386 and amd64 packages which were targeted at Ubuntu 14.04 LTS though they should also work on other Debian-based Linux systems like Debian, Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, ...

The current package provided by OWASP WTE are:

owasp-wte-burpsuite 1.6-00
owasp-wte-cal9000 2.0-00
owasp-wte-dirbuster 1.0-RC1-00
owasp-wte-ende 1.0RC12-00
owasp-wte-fierce 0.9.11-Beta04162015-00
owasp-wte-firefox 37.0.2-00
owasp-wte-fuzzdb 2015-04-26-svn-00
owasp-wte-grendel-scan 1.0-00
owasp-wte-gruyere 1.0-00
owasp-wte-httprint 301-00
owasp-wte-jbrofuzz 2.5-00
owasp-wte-jerry-curl 1.1-00
owasp-wte-jq 1.4-00
owasp-wte-netcat 1.10-00
owasp-wte-nikto 2.1.5-00
owasp-wte-nmap 6.40-00
owasp-wte-paros 3.2.13-00
owasp-wte-ratproxy 1.58-00
owasp-wte-skipfish 2.10-00
owasp-wte-spikeproxy 1.4.8-00
owasp-wte-sqlbrute 1.0-00
owasp-wte-sqlmap 0-git-5ee7fd785a-00
owasp-wte-tcpdump 4.5.1-00
owasp-wte-w3af 1.1svn5547-00
owasp-wte-wapiti 2.3.0-00
owasp-wte-webgoat 6.0.1-00
owasp-wte-webscarab 20090122-00
owasp-wte-webslayer 0-svn-r5-00
owasp-wte-wireshark 1.10.6-00
owasp-wte-wpscan 0-git-22550ea55-00
owasp-wte-wsfuzzer 1.9.5-00
owasp-wte-wte-docs 20150503-00
owasp-wte-zap 2.4.0-00

Other References

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