Nokee -- a Simple & Stupid CLI Note Keeper Application.
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Nokee is a simple note keeper (CLI) application (hence the name). It is written by Moritz Schulte and licensed under a BSD3 license.

At the moment Nokee uses SQLite as its data store backend. Actually I would have liked to use a plaintext data store backend like e.g. GNU recutils, but I didn't find the binding situation for recutils satisfying (a plaintext data store would make it easy to combine Nokee with an SCM like Git). Thus, at least for now, Nokee uses SQLite3.

Installation Instructions

$ stack build


$ stack install

should be sufficient.


This is work in progress! Although Nokee may work well, it is not considered stable yet. The code needs a cleanup/reorganization. nokee - (Simple & Stupid) Note Manager


The general syntax is this:

nokee [-s|--store STORENAME] COMMAND

If nokee is to be used for the first time, it needs to initialize its stores. If no store is specified, the default store named 'default' is used. To initialize the default store, use:

$ nokee init

This creates an SQL store file in ~/.nokee/stores. Nokee can be told to use other stores via the option --store (resp. -s). Therefore, to initialize the store "recipes", you can use:

$ nokee -s recipes init

The commands understood by Nokee are:

edit NOTE-ID             Edit a note
add                      Add a note
delete NOTE-ID           Delete a note
list [-t|--tags TAGS]    List notes
list-stores              List Stores
list-tags                List Tags
init                     Initialize store
search PATTERN           Search notes
retrieve NOTE-ID         Retrieve a note

Thus, to add a note, use:

$ nokee add

This will cause your $EDITOR to be spawned, opening a new note. If this is the first note in the store, the file will contain some editing guidelines explaining the file format for notes. In particular, the file format allows you to attach tags to notes.

After saving and leaving the editor, the new note will be added to the note store. A list of saved notes can be retrieves via

$ nokee list [--tags tag1,tag2]

This displays the note summary. In particular it displays the note IDs associated to each note. These are (integer) IDs referencing notes uniquely (in each store). A full note can be retrieved with the command

$ nokee retrieve <note ID>

You can search in your note store using the "search" command, as in:

$ nokee --store recipes search waffles

[to be continued]