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React Native Watch Connectivity

Communicate with your Apple Watch apps over the React Native bridge.

Note: This library does not allow you to write your Apple Watch apps in React Native but rather allows your RN iOS app to communicate with a watch app written in Obj-C/Swift.



The featured screenshot is from the example app. To run the example:

git clone
cd react-native-watch-connectivity/example
yarn install
cd ios
pod install
cd ..
yarn ios # Run app
open ios/RNWatchExample.xcworkspace # Run watch app from Xcode


npm install react-native-watch-connectivity --save
# or
yarn add react-native-watch-connectivity

Note: this library now supports autolinking for RN 0.60+.

For RN <0.60 link via:

react-native link

Or else add the xcodeproj or .h/.m files directly to your project via XCode

Manual Linking

Or you can link the library manually by adding node_modules/react-native-watch-connectivity/ios/RNWatch.xcodeproj to your project and ensuring that libRNWatch.a is present in the Link Binary With Libraries build phase.

Alternatively, if you're using CocoaPods, you can add the following to your Podfile:

pod 'RNWatch', :path => '../node_modules/react-native-watch-connectivity'

and run pod install.

Expo Support

This library has been successfully used in Expo apps (Bare Workflow with EAS Build).