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Music Technology conference list

This repository hosts a list of upcoming and past conference calls and journal calls for the wider music technology community.

It is maintained by the Music Technology Group (MTG UPF).

Anyone can contribute to this list by sending a pull request with the data for a new conference or journal call. See below for instructions.



Fork the repository and create a new file in the _conferences directory. Name it [confyear]-[confabbr][confyear].md. For example, Write the conference abbreviation in lower-case. The initial year field is used to sort the files in a directory listing.

Copy this template into the file and fill in each field. Dates should be in yyyy-mm-dd format and surrounded by quotes, e.g. '2017-04-01'.

date: '201x-mm-dd' # Conference date. Ensure mm and dd are 2 digits
end_date: '201x-mm-dd' # Conference end date, leave empty if unknown
submission_date: '201x-mm-dd' # Date of submissions
ext_url: # External URL to conference website
location: # City, Country

Save the file and submit your addition as a pull request.


Fork the repository as for conferences and create a file in the _journals directory. Name the file something like [year]-[journal-name].md. If there are many issues for this journal in the same year either add a letter to the year ( or include the issue name in the filename too. By convention, we name the file in lower-case, using hyphens instead of spaces, and only including letters and numbers in the name.

Include the following content in the file. Dates should be in yyyy-mm-dd format and surrounded by quotes, e.g. '2017-04-01'.

The date field is required by Jekyll, but is not used. You can set it to the same value as submission_date, or to the date that the issue will be published.

submission_date: '201x-mm-dd' # Date that submissions are due
date: '201x-mm-dd' # Same as submission_date, or publishing date
journal: # Name of the journal
issue: # Name of this issue
ext_url: # URL to call for articles for this issue

Technical information

We have separate pages for each year. This means at the end of each year, we need to update the index.html page for conferences and journals to reflect items for the current year, and to create new year.html pages for the last year.

  • You need to create 2 new year.html files. One for the conferences and the other for the journals (the last goes inside the folder journalcalls). You can copy the content from one of the previous years and just change the year number in the heading and in include conferences.html year="2018".
  • You also need to update both index.html: the one for conferences and the one for journals (also found inside journalcalls). You have to change the year on the line: {% include conferences.html year="2019" confs=confs greaterthan=true %} to the following year of the year you're updating. You also have to add the following line: <a href="/2018">2018</a> with the corresponding year.


Music Technology / MIR conference and journal calls






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