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MTGATracker is a deck tracker for MTG Arena, offering an in-game overlay that shows real time info about your deck in MTGA. It can also record & analyze your past matches to show personal aggregated gameplay history information, like lifetime wins/losses by deck, by event, etc.



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MTGA Tracker is an electron-based app that helps you track your MTGA decks!

Tracker Features

I'm not reading anything else until you tell me how to use it

I figured as much. I know this doc is long, please at least take a moment and scroll to disclaimers before continuing, though.

Option 1 (recommended): Run from a release

Download the latest release from the "releases" link above (or right here). Use your favorite md5 tool to verify what you downloaded is legitimate.

Selecting the correct download link

Note that you may have to tell Windows Defender to allow MTGA Tracker to run, as MTGA Tracker is currently unsigned (did you know that code-signing keys & certs cost over $100 per year?) Your antivirus will likely also want to scan it the first few times you run it. See more in the Signing section below.

Getting past windows defender

OR, Option 2: Run from source

This option is not required or recommended unless you intend to contribute code changes to MTGATracker

Make sure you have all of the following installed:

Note that if you choose to skip Git Bash, you're on your own w.r.t. formatting shell commands.

  1. Open Git Bash

  2. Make sure python is installed by typing: python --version . You should see:

    you@yourmachine MINGW64 ~
    $ python --version
    Python 3.6.4
  3. Make sure npm is installed by typing: npm --version . You should see:

    you@yourmachine MINGW64 ~
    $ npm --version
  4. Run these commands

    cd /c/path/where/you/want/the/code
    git clone
    cd mtga-tracker
    # next 4 lines """optional"""
    python -m ensurepip
    pip install virtualenv --user
    python -m virtualenv venv
    source venv/Scripts/activate
    # read more about virtualenv here:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    cd electron
    # tell npm to use python2.7 for node-gyp
    npm config set python python2.7
    npm install .
  5. If all went well, you should now be able to:

    npm start

    And the decktracker UI should launch!

    Note: check out debug flags, which can be set via command line main.js


Something with the tracker isn't working for me! What do I do?

Check out our troubleshooting guide here. If nothing in here helps, please send us a message in the #troubleshooting channel on Discord with the following template:

Help! My tracker is <short description of issue>.

Here's a screenshot of my tracker in debug mode:

<insert a screenshot of MTGATracker in debug mode, including the debug output in the console on the right side>

Example Screenshot

Something with Inspector isn't working for me! What do I do?

Please message Spencatro#6059 on Discord privately with the following template:

Help! Inspector is <short description of issue>.

I signed in to Inspector using <discord or twitch>, and my username is <twitch or discord username>. My MTGA username is <your username, case sensitive>. The first 8 digits of my trackerID is <the first 8 digits of your tracker key, located in tracker settings under "Inspector">.

Why doesn't MTGATracker properly handle sideboarding in Competitive Draft (etc)?

This is actually an issue with WotC's logging. There is no way for us to determine what happens during sideboarding based on what is written to the log. We've filed the following bug report with WotC and will be ecstatic to fix our stuff once they resolve it:

Bug report: I tried to replace my entire deck with my sideboard during a competitive draft event, but something went wrong!

OK, nothing actually went wrong, but the point of this bug report is that based on the log, there is no way to tell what happened with the sideboard anyways! The log doesn't properly record sideboard events.

It looks like the client is attempting to tell the server that... something happened with sideboarding with this log message:

(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug.bindings.h Line: 43)

[UnityCrossThreadLogger]Received unhandled GREMessageType: GREMessageType_SubmitDeckReq { "type": "GREMessageType_SubmitDeckReq", "systemSeatIds": [ 1 ], "msgId": 638, "gameStateId": 455, "submitDeckReq": { "deck": { "deckCards": [ 68510, 68544, 68544, 68728, 68496, 68496, 68496, 68628, 68628, 68681, 68727, 68522, 68522, 68523, 68612, 68534, 68546, 68531, 68535, 68549, 68667, 68529, 68516, 68497, 68526, 67017, 67017, 67017, 67017, 67017, 67017, 67017, 67019, 67019, 67019, 67019, 67019, 67019, 67019, 67019 ], "sideboardCards": [ 68525, 68537, 68537, 68464, 68464, 68464, 68479, 68539, 68549, 68549, 68601, 68703, 68606, 68477, 68542, 68611, 68507, 68523, 68527, 68522 ] } } }

(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug.bindings.h Line: 43)

However, the contents of that log chunk is incorrect (i.e. the cards I actually sideboarded in are still in the sideboardCards array).

This issue is causing issues with third party log tracking programs.



Building from windows? Try sh from git bash. If that doesn't work, get in touch with @shawkinsl to figure it out. There's an open issue to improve this process--help us get CI/CD set up? See contributing ;)

Output will end up in MTGATracker-<os>-<arch> .

Building is probably not supported on OSX yet. (But then again, neither is MTGA, so what are you even doing?)

Native App


The back end is at it's core a python log parser project. There's a websockets app tacked on top to communicate state with the frontend.

Front end

The front end of MTGA Tracker is an electron app that uses node / websocket to communicate with the backend

Project layout

app - python backend for watching MTGA logs

electron - native electron app

scripts - various scripts and utilities. either one-time use, or just don't really fit anywhere

webtasks - node.js / code for webapp and app to talk to

docs - code for (called docs for github pages)

Signing code

Currently MTGATracker is self-signed. (Edit: since this doesn't do anything, we won't bother until we get a real cert. Did you know that code-signing certs cost over $100 a year?! We didn't.) So MTGATracker will likely go unsigned for now.

Regardless, under the guidance of this stackoverflow question, use the following commands to self-sign binaries (not really that useful, but good practice in case MTGATracker ever does get a real cert).

# generate a pfx certificate
PS C:\Users\Spencatro> $cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -DnsName -Type CodeSigning -CertStoreLocation Cert:\CurrentUser\My
PS C:\Users\Spencatro> $CertPassword = ConvertTo-SecureString -String "my_passowrd" -Force –AsPlainText
PS C:\Users\Spencatro> Export-PfxCertificate -Cert "cert:\CurrentUser\My\$($cert.Thumbprint)" -FilePath "c:\t.pfx" -Password $CertPassword

# use windows SDK to sign with the certificate
PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x64> ./signtool.exe sign /v /f C:\Users\Spencatro\t.pfx /t /p my_password C:\Users\Spencatro\PycharmProjects\mtga-tools\MTGATracker-win32-x64\MTGATracker.exe
The following certificate was selected:
    Issued to:
    Issued by:
    Expires:   Sun Mar 17 03:15:34 2019
    SHA1 hash: E4200EC8E8C6DECAC50444CC1F621BA8557F840E

Done Adding Additional Store
Successfully signed: C:\Users\Spencatro\PycharmProjects\mtga-tools\MTGATracker-win32-x64\MTGATracker.exe

Number of files successfully Signed: 1
Number of warnings: 0
Number of errors: 0


All changes by non core-contributors must go through a code-review process. For non core-contributors, this is accomplished by forking, making changes in the fork, and submitting PR's.

For more information, see contributing


Use MTGA Tracker at your own risk. While it does not seem likely given Wizard's positive, but unofficial, comments on MTGATracker, we feel inclined to continue warning users that your account may be banned for using this software. In this unlikely event, MTGA Tracker and its developers are not responsible.

It is entirely possible that Wizards of the Coast will disable all logging and completely wreck this project. While we certainly do not hope this will happen, it is worth noting that this project may stop working at any time. In the event that this happens, please get in touch with us to verify that what you are experiencing is not a software issue.

In accordance with the MTG Fan Art policy: MTGA Tracker is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Please take a moment to read our privacy policy. The use of MTGATracker is considered an implicit agreement to this policy.

Credits, License

MTGA Tracker is built with many free / oss libraries, in general listed in the various manifest files. MTGA Tracker is mainly built using JetBrains' PyCharm, cmder, Electron, Python, and many other libraries and tools.

Thanks to Auth0 for both the serverless platform, which drives any web-based interactions MTGA Tracker has, as well as repo-supervisor, which helps keep secrets safe, even in an open-source project.

Special shoutout to fyears/electron-python-example for providing a truly excellent tutotial to launchpad off of!

MTGA Tracker is licensed under the MIT License.


MTGATracker is a deck tracker for MTG Arena, offering an in-game overlay that shows real time info about your deck in MTGA. It can also record & analyze your past matches to show personal aggregated gameplay history information, like lifetime wins/losses by deck, by event, etc.




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