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MTGATracker Quick Tips

  • It's always a good idea to show MTGATracker your decks on each launch (click Decks, then click Home). If you enter a game with a deck that has changed since MTGATracker last saw it, MTGATracker may have unexpected behavior or show you the wrong decklist! This quick 2-second check is also a great way to test if MTGATracker is running properly.
  • Don't like per-deck winrates in the UI? Hide them with the settings in the Win / Loss counters tab! There are tons of configurable settings, be sure to check them out so MTGATracker looks and runs the way you like!
  • MTGATracker watches the MTGA output_log.txt . If MTGA can't write to the log, MTGATracker can't read from it!
  • MTGATracker only watches for changes in the log; it won't read the whole thing. Make sure MTGATracker is running while you're playing if you want it to record game information!
  • Don't start MTGATracker in the middle of a game; currently it will get confused. (We have a bug open to fix this someday)

What is MTGATracker?

MTGATracker is comprised of three main parts:

  1. MTGATracker, the desktop application
  2. Inspector, the web-based companion app
  3. Who Tracks The Trackers?, the MTGATracker blog

The Desktop Application

MTGATracker is an application you run alongside Magic: the Gathering Arena. The program reads the MTGA log file to track game state, offers an overlay to help in various in-game scenarios, and reports game data to our web-based application, Inspector.

Tracker Features

MTGATracker will also help you pick which cards you need most with it's live draft collection view.

Draft Collection Helper

MTGATracker also includes a live "action log" that records most in-game actions (in case you miss some on-screen action)

Action Log

Inspector, The Web-Based Application

MTGATracker: Inspector is a web-based application that shows you the data you've collected with MTGATracker. With Inspector, you can see your deck's win/loss rate, how your individual decks stack up against various colors, which cards you picks during drafts, and even your entire play history down to the individual game played. When viewing a single game, Inspector shows you which cards your opponent played, in case you face some spectacular jank, and want to try to make it yourself!

Inspector Deck View

Inspector Home

Inspector Single-Game View

Inspector Single Game View

Inspector Profile View

Inspector Profile View

The Blog

At WTTT, we create analytical pieces exploring the aggregate data and trends we've discovered in MTGATracker data. For example, in addition to scheduled meta reports like the post-Dominaria report, we also post one-off reports exploring hot topics, such as Debunking the Evil Shuffler and Report: Exploring Weekend Events.

Report: Exploring Events

And More To Come!

All MTGATracker tools are open source, and are getting better all the time! We add new features to MTGATracker about once every other week. Want to help contribute? Fork us here on GitHub, and make some pull requests! Our maintainers don't bite :)

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