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Portable databases for all of your favorite card games!

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  1. mtgjson3 mtgjson3 Public archive

    MTGJSON repository for Magic Cards

    JavaScript 542 103

  2. mtgjson mtgjson Public

    MTGJSON build scripts for Magic: the Gathering

    Python 326 59

  3. mtgsqlive mtgsqlive Public

    MTGJSON build scripts to generate alternative data formats

    Python 51 31

  4. mtgjson-website mtgjson-website Public

    MTGJSON Documentation Front-End Application built with VitePress

    JavaScript 34 21

  5. mtgcsv mtgcsv Public archive

    Magic: the Gathering data in CSV format

    JavaScript 17 11

  6. mtgjson-graphs mtgjson-graphs Public

    A data visualization project for Magic: The Gathering sets

    Vue 6


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