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MTGJSONv4 build scripts for Magic: the Gathering
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MTGJSON is an open sourced database creation and distribution tool for Magic: The Gathering cards, specifically in JSON format.  

Connect With Us

Discord Discord

Gitter Gitter

About Us

This repo contains our newest release, version 4.x. This version relies upon a variety of sources, such as Scryfall and Gatherer for our data.

You can find our documentation with all properties here.

To provide feedback 💁 and/or bug reports 🐛, please open a ticket 🎫 as it is the best way for us to communicate with the public.

If you would like to join or assist the development of the project, you can join us on Discord to discuss things further.

Looking for a full digest of pre-built data? Click here.



  • Python 3.7
  • pip3
    • Installed with Python 3.7. For troubleshooting check here.



Install the MTGJSON4 package and dependencies via:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Output Flags

Flags Flag Descriptions
-h, --help Print the help menu and exits.
-a Build all sets. This overshadows the -s flag.
-c After building any/all sets, create the compiled outputs (ex: AllSets, AllCards).
-x Skips sets that have already been built (i.e. set files in the output folder), and build the remaining sets. Must be passed with -a or -s.
-s SET [SET ...] Build set code arguments, provided they exist.
--skip-sets SET [SET ...] Prevents set code arguments from being built, even if passed in via -a or -s.
--skip-tcgplayer If you don't have a TCGPlayer API key, you can disable building of TCGPlayer components.
--skip-prune If you'd rather keep null/false fields and not trim the output.

  Newcomer Note: Omitting either the -a and -s flag will yield empty outputted data.  



Run the program, with any flag(s) you'd like, via:

python3 -m mtgjson4 [-h] [-acx] [-s [SET [SET ...]]] [--skip-tcgplayer] [--skip-prune] [--skip-sets [SET [SET ...]]]


$ python3 -m mtgjson4 -ac

> all outputted json files


  These are the build directions to compile your own JSON files but If you are looking for pre-compiled JSON files, you can download them at  

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