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Play Android: Netrunner in the browser.

Live server


Gameplay videos


Card implementation status

Card rules implementation status



Install frontend dependencies:

$ npm install -g bower
$ npm install -g stylus
$ bower install

Launch MongoDB and fetch card data:

$ mongod --dbpath data

or on windows

$ mongod --dbpath .\data\


$ lein fetch

Compile and watch client side ClojureScript files1:

$ lein figwheel

Launch web server:

  • As a REPL process (recommended for development):
    $ lein repl
  • As a standalone process in production mode (must first run lein uberjar and lein cljsbuild once prod):
    $ java -jar target/netrunner-standalone.jar

Open http://localhost:1042/


To run all tests:

$ lein test

To run a single test file:

$ lein test game-test.cards.agendas

Or a single test:

$ lein test :only game-test.cards.agendas/fifteen-minutes

For more information refer to the development guide.


Jinteki.net is released under the MIT License.

1: This is only necessary the first time you run the project, or if you are working on front end changes.