An ASP.NET Core-inspired framework for command line applications.
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An ASP.NET Core-inspired framework for command line applications.

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Getting Started

To get started, install the package CommandLine.Core.Hosting. If you want to integrate with the McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils framework, also install CommandLine.Core.CommandLineUtils.


NuGet CommandLine.Core.Hosting: The main library, an ASP.NET Core-inspired framework for creating command line applications.

NuGet CommandLine.Core.Hosting.Abstractions: Provides hosting and startup abstractions and does not need to be referenced directly.

NuGet CommandLine.Core.CommandLineUtils: Provides integration with McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils for CommandLine.Core.

NuGet CommandLineUtils.Extensions: A dependency of CommandLine.Core.CommandLineUtils, this package can also be used independently of CommandLine.Core. It provides additional builders, conventions, and more for use with McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.