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Use tor as proxy to bypass IP limit querys


pip install EPT
pip install requests
pip install git+
apt-get install tor privoxy

#Install and configure TOR

Restart tor
/etc/init.d/tor restart

Enable Cotrole port
Edit the file /etc/tor/torrc and remove the # from,
ControlPort 9051

Restart tor
/etc/init.d/tor restart

Make privoxy use tor, edit the file /etc/privoxy/config and remove the # from,
forward-socks5 / localhost:9050 .

Restart Privoxy
/etc/init.d/privoxy restart


#import lib
>>>from ept import ProxyTor

#Create object from ProxyTor
>>>tor = ProxyTor()

#Check your current IP

#Get new IP from a specific country


#Connect to a website using tor, this function is based on lib requests.
>>>r = tor.connect('',method='post')