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Informational site for the Heroines of JavaScript card series
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Heroines of Javascript

This fantastic card set features custom commissioned art by the very talented Mirlu (contact info below).

The product concept and organization was put together by the awesome Jen Looper (contact info below).

All proceeds from the sales go to the VueVixens Scholarship Fund. Head over here to learn more about this fantastic organization Vue Vixens helping people who identify as women learn Vue.js to make awesome websites and mobile apps!

Where you can buy

Update: Currently sold out

Currently the cards are sold as a 20-pack on Etsy:

Jen Looper's Etsy Product Page

Where you can view the cards

We are building a site featuring all thumbnails, pics of the cards, and information for all of the Heroines of Javascript currently hosted on this site.

To follow along with our progress, you can check out our livestream of coding here.


Jen Looper


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