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=0.1.0 (August 3rd, 2006)
* First public release
=0.2.0 (September 3rd, 2006)
* Added model transformation language (Transformer)
* Now RGen is distributed as a gem
* More complete documentation
=0.3.0 (October 9th, 2006)
* Improved XML Instantiator (Namespaces, Resolver, Customization)
* Added many_to_one builder method
* Added attribute reflection to MMBase (one_attributes, many_attributes)
* Added +copy+ method to Transformer
* Added simple model dumper module
* Fixed mmgen/mmgen.rb
=0.4.0 (Aug 8th, 2007)
* Added ECore metamodel and use it as the core metametamodel
* Revised and extended MetamodelBuilder language
* There is an ECore instance describing each metamodel built using MetamodelBuilder now
* Metamodel generator is now ECore based
* Added Ruby implementation of Boolean and Enum types
* Switched XML Instantiator to xmlscan for performance reasons
* Cleaned up instantiator file structure
* Renamed RGen::XMLInstantiator into RGen::Instantiator::DefaultXMLInstantiator
* Included xmlscan as a redistributed module
* Added support for chardata within XML tags
* Added (Enterprise Architect) XMI to ECore instantiator
* Some minor fixes in NameHelper
* Some fixes to template language
* Added UML1.3 Metamodel
* Added tranformation from UML1.3 to ECore
=0.4.1 (Nov 25th, 2007)
* Template language performance improvement
* Bugfix: use true/false instead of symbols for boolean attribute default values in metamodel classes
* Minor fixes on metamodel generator and ecore primitive type handling
* Made transformer implementation non-recursive to prevent "stack level too deep" exception for large models
* Minor fixes on EAInstantiator
* Made transformer search for matching rules for superclasses
* Bugfix: Enums are now added to EPackages created using the "ecore" method on a module
* Bugfix: Metamodel generator now writes enum names
* Performance improvement: don't require ecore transformer every time someone calls "ecore"
* Major performance improvement of template engine (no Regexps to check \n at end of line)
* Major performance improvement: AbstractXMLInstantiator optionally controls the garbage collector
* Major performance improvement: ERB templates are reused in metamodel_builder
* Added delete method to Environment
=0.4.2 (Mar 2nd, 2008)
* Performance improvement: collection feature of array extension uses hashes now to speed up array union
* Performance improvement: find on environment hashes elements by class
* Extended Transformer to allow sharing of result maps between several Transformer instances
* Bugfix: User defined upper bound values are no longer overwritten by -1 in all "many" metamodel builder methods
=0.4.3 (Aug 12th, 2008)
* Performance improvement: significant speed up of metamodel reverse registration
* Bugfix: Use object identity for metamodel to-many add/remove methods
* Bugfix: If expand's :for expression evaluates to nil an error is generated (silently used current context before)
* Template language indentation string can be set on DirectoryTemplateContainer and with the "file" command
=0.4.4 (Sep 10th, 2008)
* Added "abstract" metamodel DSL command
* Added ecore_ext.rb with convenience methods
* Added XMI1.1 serializer, revised XMLSerializer super class
=0.4.5 (Nov 17th, 2008)
* Updated XMI1.1 serializer to support explicit placement of elements on content level of the XMI file
=0.4.6 (Mar 1st, 2009)
* Bugfix: expand :foreach silently assumed current context if :foreach evalutated to nil
* Bugfix: fixed unit test for non-Windows plattforms (\r\n)
* Bugfix: depending on the Ruby version and/or platform constants used in templates could not be resolved
* Added automatic line ending detection (\n or \r\n) for template language +nl+ command
=0.5.0 (Jun 8th, 2009)
* Added ModelBuilder and ModelSerializer
* Added template language "define_local" command
* Added template language "evaluate" command
* Fixed template language bug: indentation problem when expand continues a non-empty line
* Fixed template language bug: template content expands several times when a template container is called recursively
* Fixed template language bug: template resolution problem if a template file has the same name as a template directory
* Cleaned up EA support
* Added method to clear ecore metamodel reflection cache
* Improved overriding of metamodel features in reopened classes
=0.5.1 (Nov 10th, 2009)
* Fixed metamodel builder bug: _register at one-side did not unregister from the element referenced by the old value
* Added helper class for building simple model comparators
=0.5.2 (Jun 13th, 2010)
* Added has_many_attr to metamodel builder, support for "many" attributes
* Added JSON support (json instantiator and serializer)
* Added QualifiedNameResolver instantiation helper
* Added reference proxy support
* Added more generic access methods on metaclasses
* Added ReferenceResolver resolver mixin
* Fixed ecore xml instantiator and serializer to handle references to builtin datatypes correctly
* Fixed bug in ecore xml serializer to not output references which are opposites of containment references
=0.5.3 (Aug 13th, 2010)
* Fixed string escaping in JSON instantiator and serializer
* Fixed order of eClassifiers and eSubpackages within an EPackage created by reflection on a RGen module
* Fixed undeterministic order of child elements in ModelSerializer
* Fixed undeterministic order of attributes in XMI serializers
* Fixed ModelSerializer to always serialize the to-one part of bidirectional 1:N references
* Fixed ModelSerializer to add :as => in case of ambiguous child roles
* Made JsonInstantiator search subpackages for unqualified class names
* Added exception when trying to instantiate abstract class
* Replaced xmlscan by dependency to nokogiri
* Made RGen work with Ruby 1.9
* Cleaned up intermediate attribute and reference description, improvement of metamodel load time
* Added optional data property for MMProxy
* Added ECoreToRuby which can create Ruby classes and modules from ECore models in memory (without metamodel generator)
* Refactored out QualifiedNameProvider and OppositeReferenceFilter
* Added model fragment/fragmented models support
* Extended Instantiator::ReferenceResolver and changed it into a class
* Moved utilities into util folder/module
* Added FileCacheMap
* Fixed template language bug: indenting not correct after callback into same template container and iinc/idec
* Added support for fragmented models
* Added FileChangeDetector utility
* Added CachedGlob utility
* Added index parameter to model element add methods
* Added MMGeneric
* Modified has_many_attr to allow the same value in the same attribute multiple times
* Made Environment#delete faster on large models
* Added type check of ecore defaultValueLiteral content in MetamodelBuilder
* Many-feature setters can work with an Enumerable instead of an Array
* Added pattern matcher utility
* Fixed problem of Ruby hanging when exceptions occur
* Fixed metamodel generator to quote illegal enum literal symbols
* Imporved UML to ECore transformer and EA support
* Fixed metamodel builder to not overwrite a model element's 'class' method
* Added enum type transformation to ECoreToUML13 transformer, primitive type mapping based on instanceClassName
* Fixed default value appearing on read after setting a feature value to nil
* Added eIsSet and eUnset methods
* Added eContainer and eContainingFeature methods
* Fixed ModelFragment#elements not containing root elements
* Added optional output of invalidation reason to FileCacheMap#load_data
* Made qualified name provider work with unidirectional containment references
* Fixed array_extension breaking the Hash[] method
* Added BigDecimal support
* Made FileChangeDetector and FileCacheMap robust against missing files
* Fixed missing default argument of FragmentedModel#resolve
* Added to_str to methods which aren't forwarded by array extension on empty arrays
* Added ModelFragment#mark_resolved and ResolutionHelper
* Added ReferenceResolver option to output failed resolutions
* Major performance improvement of FragmentedModel#resolve
* Fixed a Ruby 2.0 related warning
* Enforce unique container rule by automatically disconnecting elements from other containers
* Added support for long typed values (ELong), thanks to Thomas Hallgren;
Note that this is merely an EMF compatibility thing, RGen could already handle big integers before
* Added eContents and eAllContents methods
* Added setNilOrRemoveGeneric and setNilOrRemoveAllGeneric methods
* Added disconnectContainer method
* Fixed missing indentation when template file is not terminated by a newline
* Fixed missing indentation when expand in same line expands sub templates
* Fixed DefaultXMLInstantiator naming error with a tag named 'File' (issue #19, pull request #21 from jkugs)
* Simplified ECoreToRuby and optionally let it create modules with non-temporary names
* Improved performance of output handler
* Improved performance of setXXX and addXXX methods (pull request #22 from thallgren)
* Use a value larger than Fixnum max to test Bignum support (pull request #18 from graaff)
* Improved performance of ECoreToRuby
* Fixed <%ws%> command to trigger indentation if starting a new line
* Added helper methods
* Performance improvement: getGeneric made a lot faster
* Add early loading for types which have attributes conflicting with Ruby reserved words.
* Change type checking code to use ObjectSpace to find class objects. This is to find classes with an unbound name.