Yet another web browser for Android.
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Yet another web browser for Android.

Ninja in 酷安

Ninja in 少数派

Ninja in 小众软件

Download latest Ninja.apk

SUPPORT: Android 4.1+




  • Open links in background without ever leaving your favorite apps.

  • Lightweight and no extra permissions.

  • Custom home.

  • Fashion tab switcher.

  • html5test access 509UP with latest Android System WebView.

  • Adblock and whitelist.

  • Readability.

  • Capture whole page screenshot.

  • Custom volume control.

  • Webpage go to top easy.

  • More features coming soon...

How to use Ninja?

Basically Ninja is a simple web browser like any others, but there are some different things you need to know:

Custom home:

  • First login Ninja, home show as about:blank.

  • Use the overflow menu's Add to home to pin webpages.

  • Use the overflow menu's Relayout to custom your home.

  • Long press on a card of home, you can edit it title.

Switch tabs:

  • You can set tab switcher position in screen top or screen bottom at Setting/Browser/Tab Position.

  • Press the address bar and drag it down or up, then the fashion tab switcher will display.

  • Swipe up/down to dimiss a page.

  • Or just swipe the omnibox left/right to switch tab :)

The Settings is located in the top or bottom left of tab switcher, the gear icon.

Remember that if the soft keyboard is shown the tab switcher would not works, it's our design :)

Load in background when you click links in other App:

  1. Set Ninja as your default browser when click links.

  2. Single tap will open links in background, and show a clickable notification in statusbar.

  3. Double taps will show a dialog that allows you to open links in foreground, etc.

AdBlock whitelist:

Since AdBlick maybe cause some websites display error, you can add they to Setting/AdBlock/Whitelist.


Ninja support read mode but it need the token of Readability.

To get the token you should go to Readability Developer APIs to get your own token and set it in Setting/Readability/Token.


Ninja supports capture entire webpage function.

But that is not means you could screenshot a long long long webpage(OOM, etc).


Where is the AdBlock's hosts.txt comes from?

We don't use the AdBlock Plus' Easylist.

The hosts.txt comes from hpHosts.

Why no incognito mode?

Incognito mode is a necessary feature for a web browser, but since WebView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyleAttr, boolean privateBrowsing) was deprecated in API level 17 and no longer supported, the incognito mode is conflict with our UI design, so we stop it(but maybe restart to develop it someday). If you want to add incognito mode you can fork our sourse code and do it by yourself :)

Why not Google Play?


What can I do for Ninja?

  • New design launcher icon(must be 512px * 512px).

  • Translate at this link

  • Translate strings.xml at this link.

  • Fix bugs and add awesome features.

  • Fork and pull request is welcome all time :)

How to use the source code?

Just import the Ninja folder with your IntelliJ IDEA.




Apache License, Version 2.0