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Buildroot2 TODOs
- fix packages/ to use a package-imposed patchdir
(Ivan Kuten)
- convert all packages that use autoconf to use the infrastructure of
- fix setting of flags for packages
- coreutils: use make install-strip to install the packages. For now,
it fails beause even if we pass STRIP="/path/to/$(ARCH)-strip", the
coreutils build system uses the host strip to strip target
binaries. The ./configure execution done by Buildroot properly
detects the cross-strip, but when running make, build-aux/missing
gets run, complains about aclocal-1.10c and atuomake-1.10c not being
present, and rerun the configuration... with the wrong environment
variables (STRIP= is missing). An autoreconf on this package is
probably necessary.
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