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## Tonesque

A WordPress plugin containing a class that lets you grab an average color representation of an image passed as a parameter on construction. It can be used for generating a background color for an image post that matches the uploaded image.

The plugin is inspired by the Duotone WordPress theme, but with the goal of allowing any theme or plugin to have that image-magic without having to develop it themselves. The color processing looks for an average color between a couple of important points on the image.

Note: Relies on class.color for convertions and utility.

## Usage

Pass a url parameter to Tonesque class. Then get color using $this->color( 'hex|rgb' ). The returned string defaults to hex.


	$src = 'image/path/image.jpg';

	$tonesque = new Tonesque( $src );

	// get color in hex format
	$color = $tonesque->color();

	// get black or white depending on main color
	$black_or_white = $tonesque->contrast();