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Fall 2009 capstone project: A Django-based data app using massive amounts of Census & FBI data.

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CS4970 Capstone: NationBrowse

Repository for our Fall 2009 capstone project.

Repository structure

For the purposes of the class project, our code lives in the following locations:

  • Python-based, project-specific code
    • /django_server/server/nationbrowse/
  • Templates for HTML, dynamic JS, other dynamically-generated text
    • /django_server/templates/
  • Static HTML, Javascript, CSS
    • /django_server/static/
  • In-progress, experimental code
    • /sandbox/

(Python) Install Dependencies

These only represent "backend" requirements that must be installed on the server. Client-side libraries (jQuery, OpenLayers, etc) are not covered by this list, since they're included or linked from the codebase.

The basics: data browsing site, without geo-awareness.

For a full experience, including GIS-aware queries and map rendering.

  • All of the above, and:
    • PostgreSQL (unlike above, this is absolutely required)
    • PostGIS extensions to PostgreSQL
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