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# coding=utf-8
Provides a call_in_bg wrapper function that allows calling a function
in the background of a Django view. When used in a view, the response
can be returned while the given task continues to operate.
from threading import Thread
#from django.db.connection import close as close_db
def db_threadsafe(func):
Close active Django DB connection inherited from parent
(forces the next DB request to create a new connection).
Allows multiple child threads/processes to access DB
concurrently since they will all have to create their own
separate connections to the DB.
def wrapped_func(*args, **kwargs):
# close_db()
#except db.InterfaceError:
# # Connection is already dead
# pass
return func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapped_func
def call_in_bg(function,args=[],kwargs={}):
Similar API to Python's threading.Thread.
Calls function in the background. Wraps function in a decorator that
causes Django DB connection (inherited from parent) to close, so that
the child creates it's own connection -- this is utterly required for
thread/process safety since the parent DB connection cannot be shared.
Would use multiprocessing.Process, but Process appears to block the calling
thread, no matter what, which defeats any attempt at pushing tasks to
the background.
thread = Thread(
thread.daemon = False
return None
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