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This repository contains tor-related formulae for Homebrew, primarily so that users can use the latest 0.2.5.X tor series.

You will need to install Homebrew to use this, see here.

Currently contains replacement (or new) formulae for:

  • Tor 0.2.5.X (unstable) version of tor. Currently

(Note: obfsproxy used to be included in this, but recent versions are now installable via pip, without any of the ImportError issues of previous versions. For obfsproxy support, install the tor from this tap -- see Usage below -- and then install obfsproxy with pip: pip install obfsproxy.)


There are two methods to install packages from this repository.

Method 1: Tap

Tap the repository into your brew installation

brew tap mtigas/tor

You'll notice that brew install tor throws warnings -- this is because the formula cannot technically replace the original one in Homebrew core. You can install any of the packages in repo by manually denoting the "tap" prefix (mtigas/tor):

brew install mtigas/tor/tor

Method 2: Raw URL

First, find the raw URL for the formula you want. For example, the raw URL for the tor formula is:


Once you know the raw URL, simply use brew install [raw URL], like so:

brew install https://github.com/mtigas/homebrew-tor/raw/master/Formula/tor.rb

(Due to dependencies, you may need to perform brew tap mtigas/tor as in Method 1.)