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Onion Browser Version History (since 1.2.2)
===== 1.3.10 - In App Store =====
Oct 11, 2013 - Submit date
Oct 16, 2013 - App store availability
* MAJOR PRIVACY ISSUE FIXED: App previously did not successfully wipe
HTML5 "application storage" (aka "local storage" or "app cache"), even
when force-quitting or selecting "New Identity". This could be seen by
testing a Google Search and noticing previous searches in a dropdown
(due to Google's use of this cache). (Issue 26)
* Add frame to homepage, to ensure that user has
successfully connected to Tor. (See Issue 28)
* Fix issue with "New Identity" button on iPad when device is rotated
in landscape mode. (Issue 32)
* Force using "ntor" connection handshake, which is faster and is now
the default for 0.2.4.X and newer versions of Tor. This is preferred
by 0.2.4.X relays (and is forced on in 0.2.5.X). This is a countermeasure
against the botnet congestion that was introduced in September 2013
and helps reduce load on the overall Tor network.
===== 1.3.9 =====
Oct 06, 2013 - Submit date
Oct 10, 2013 - App store availability
* Quick fix to support iOS 5.1+. Previous update accidentally required
iOS 7.0.
* OPTIMIZATION NOTE: iPhone 5s (64-bit) CPU optimization -- introduced in
the previous version -- has been removed. Apps compiled with these CPU
optimziations are only compatible with iOS 6.0 and greater.
This only affects minor portions of the encryption/decryption code. Much
of the CPU load related to Onion Browser is caused by browser rendering,
rather than encryption, so the speedups were negligible in the first place.
When compiling your own copy of Onion Browser from this source tree, you
can re-enable the CPU optimizations by going to [OnionBrowser project ->
Build Settings -> Architectures] and then selecting "Standard architectures
(including 64-bit)". This will require you to change Deployment Target
to 6.0 or greater.
===== 1.3.8 =====
* COMPATIBILITY NOTE: An issue with the way this release was processed
causes it to require iOS 7.0. An update has been submitted that will return
support for iOS versions earlier than 7.0.
* Native iOS 7 support and iPhone 5s (64-bit) performance optimizations.
* Tor updated to
===== 1.3.7 =====
Jun 29, 2013 - Submit date
Jul 03, 2013 - App store availability
* COMPATIBILITY NOTE: App now requires iOS 5.1 and greater. This change should
only affect an extreme minority of users who remain on iOS 5.0.
* Add links to StartPage/IxQuick and DuckDuckGo (non-onion) since the DDG
.onion service occasionally has issues. (Based on user-reported issue.)
* Update user-agent spoof to match latest Tor Browser Bundle (for "Windows 7"
spoof) and Mac OS X Safari (for "OS X" spoof). (Based on user-reported
* Fix minor code typo (thanks to user-submitted patch).
* Update Reachability library to allow ARC for increased stability.
* Update tor to (Jun 18, 2013) [1]
===== 1.3.6 =====
Jun 18, 2013 - Submit date
Jun 21, 2013 - App store availability
* Fixes support for streamed HTTP requests. This fixes "long" requests, such
as uploading images or other media, i.e. on Twitter. (Issue #29; fix
contributed by brantyoung)
* Update tor to (Jun 14, 2013). Provides important fix to
crash-related vulnerability, and other security updates and minor fixes.[1]
===== 1.3.5 =====
May 18, 2013 - Submit date
May 22, 2013 - App store availability
* Update tor to (Apr 18, 2013). Provides several security
updates and minor fixes.[1]
===== 1.3.4 - In App Store =====
Mar 17, 2013 - Build/submit date
Mar 21, 2013 - App store availability
* Update tor to (Mar 11, 2013). Moved back to alpha
releases since 0.2.4.X introduces several security & performance
improvements. Also eases future investigation of integrating obfs2 or
other pluggable transports in the future. (This would allow Onion Browser
to operate in areas where Tor is blocked due to deep packet
inspection techniques.)
The new "ntor" circuit-building handshake protocol[1] (with improved
security and performance) is compiled into this version but will not
be used until it Tor directory servers recommend[2] it.
* Update openssl to 1.0.1e (Feb 11 2013).
Changes 1.0.1c -> 1.0.1d:
Changes 1.0.1d -> 1.0.1e:
* Update compile settings to build against iOS SDK 6.1. App remains
compatible for devices running iOS 5.0+.
===== 1.3.3 =====
Dec 07, 2012 - Build date
Dec 13, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Update tor to (Nov 19, 2012). This is a stable release.
* Update libevent to 2.0.21-stable (Nov 18, 2012)
===== 1.3.2 =====
Nov 04, 2012 - Build/submit date
Nov 12, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Update tor to (Oct 25, 2012). Fixes several security
and connectivity-related issues.
===== 1.3.1 =====
Sep 12, 2012 - Build/submit date
Sep 18, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Support iPhone 5 (taller 4" Retina screen). Also compile openssl,
libevent, and Tor for "armv7s" CPU target, which represents the new
A6 processor. May improve performance on the iPhone 5 versus
more generically compiled versions of those libraries.
* Bookmarking feature. Moved most of the "quick links" from startup
page into "preset" bookmarks.
* Ability to configure Tor bridges. This is primarily geared toward
advanced users that are using networks that attempt to block Tor via
a "master list" of Tor nodes. See
for instructions.
* Major changes to underlying Tor wrapper code. May solve issues
related to connection dying after the app has been open for some
time and if the app was open while the device went into idle sleep.
(Issue #2, Issue #3)
* Fixes CSS/JS on sites like, where statically gzipped
resources are served (i.e. "foo.gz.css") automatically. HTTP code in
Onion Browser now automatically handles these cases. (Issue #21)
* Fix issue where devices running iOS 5.1+ would work. Onion Browser
should now work properly in all devices that have iOS 5.0 or higher.
* Update tor to (Sep 11, 2012).
===== 1.3.0 =====
* Note: 1.3.0 was not released due to a bug discovered after original
submission. 1.3.1 (above) contains and supersedes all changes that were
originally slatedfor that version. All changes since 1.2.6 are listed above.
===== 1.2.6 =====
Sep 05, 2012 - Build/submit date
Sep 11, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Add warning message when clicking "New Identity" because of possible
history leak: ":visited" CSS style still triggers on visited URLs
despite clearing UIWebView history. (Issue #20 reported by sintime.)
* Closing the app while doing "initial connection" no longer causes
connection to hang. App properly cancels connections/exits so that
initialization retries properly on next app open.
* HTTP Pipelining can now be disabled. Can fix issues with some
websites. (Based on issue reported by Jose C. M.)
* User-Agent spoof strings updated to Windows 7 Firefox 10 (matching
TorButton) and Safari 6 Mountain Lion.
* Updated libevent to 2.0.20-stable (Aug 23, 2012)
===== 1.2.5 =====
Aug 23, 2012 - Build/submit date
Aug 30, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Fix rare IP address leak demonstrated on "": web pages
with resources defined in non-HTTP/HTTPS URLs (i.e. "ftp://...")
would leak IP address. (Hat-tip to Graham R.)
* Update tor to (Aug 05, 2012).
===== 1.2.4 =====
Jul 20, 2012 - Build/submit date
Jul 31, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Add searchbox for DuckDuckGo Tor on start pageto make searching
slightly easier.
* Update tor to (Jul 06, 2012).
===== 1.2.3 =====
Jun 25, 2012 - Build/submit date
Jul 05, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Fixed checkbox behavior for Cookies in the options menu.
* Added help text to “Connecting…” stage.
* Update tor to (Jun 15, 2012).
===== 1.2.2 =====
Jun 13, 2012 - Build/submit date
Jun 20, 2012 - App Store accept date
* Update tor to (Jun 05, 2012).
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