EModel: A New Energy Optimization Modeling Language
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EModel Source

This work is Copyright 2010 Timothy Middelkoop and licensed under the GPL 3.0 and is the source code that was used in the following book chapter:

Timothy Middelkoop and Herbert Ingley, “EModel: A New Energy Optimization Modeling Language,” In the Handbook of Web Based Energy Information and Control systems, chapter 23, 325-337, Fairmont Press Inc., 2011. ISBN: 978-14-398-7684-8

If you use this source please let the author know and cite the book chapter.

The early development history can be found in ChangeLog.txt, however, the git repository only goes back to the revision used for the data produced in the chapter due to the internal nature of the development.

Binaries for the CoinOR (http://coin-or.org) Optimization Services (http://coin-or.org/OS) can be found at http://www.coin-or.org/Binaries/OS/OSSolverService/. Version 2.1.0 was used for the book chapter, however, newer versions should also work.