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Eclipse plugin so edit Soar projects with.


    The bulk of the code for the project.

    This is required by Eclipse in order to package the project in a way that can be easily distributed. This represents the plugin as a package that can be installed.

    Required by Eclipse in order to distribute the Feature. This represents the website that hosts the Feature.

    Used to build the Editor project to.

To build and release a new version of the plugin:

1) Open SoarEditor/plugin.xml with the Plug-in Manifest Editor (should be the default way to open the file).
2) On the Overview tab, under General Information, increment the version number. Make a note of the new version number. Save the file.
3) On the Overview tab, inder the Exporting section, click on Export Wizard.
4) Under Available Plug-ins and Fragments, check the new version of the plugin. Under the Destination tab, select Directory and enter location of the build/ folder. Click Finish to build the plugin.
5) Open Feature/feature.xml with the Feature Manifest Editor (should be the default way to open the file).
6) Under General Information, increment the version number to match the new version number. Save the file.
7) Open Site/site.xml with the Site Manifest Editor (should be default way to open file).
8) On the Site Map tab, the SoarEditorFeature should be listed under the Managing the Site header. Click on Synchronize to synchronize all features, then click on Build All to build the site.
9) Under the site.xml tab, the feature url should now point to a .jar file with the new version number. Confirm that the new /jar file exists in the Site/features/ folder.
10) On the command line (or other git interface), add the changes to the repository. Commit the changes to your local branch. Finally, push the changes to the GitHub repo. The update will now be available for anyone to install or update.